#CyrilTheLiar Refusing to see the white crosses of Murdered SA Farmers

#CyrilTheLiar Refusing to see the white crosses of Murdered SA Farmers

In an interview with the international Bloomberg TV Ramaphosa states : "There are no killings of farmers or white farmers in South Africa", and goes on to say "there's no land grab in SA"

Excuse me ? What is going on here ?

Blatant lies ? YES, that we know !

The Institute of Race Relation's Dr Frans Cronje was quick to respond :

"Both of Mr Ramaphosa's statements are untrue.

Data produced by the South African Police Service shows that 62 farmers and farm workers were murdered in the country in the 2017-2018 financial year"

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) said of Ramaphosa's remarks:

"IRR analysts have also demonstrated that a simple media scan will offer up examples of violent land and farm invasions across a number of SA's provinces, including the Free State, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal."

IRR CEO Dr Frans Cronje said:

"Mr Ramaphosa's comments are offensive to the victims of farm murders — black and white — and to the millions of South Africans who live with insecure title to the properties they occupy."


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Let us do a proper analyses of the issue of farm murders in South Africa :

The issue of farm murders in South Africa is something that really started around 1990 with the ANC's stated goal of driving white people off land.

To this day the ANC regards white people, whose forebears have been in the country for centuries, as settlers.

A graph released by agricultural union TAU SA and Afriforum shows 16 farmers murdered in 1990 and only 27 farm attacks.

We will include the graph in an attachment to this article so please have a look.


Link to Afriforum Press Release containing the graph.


This then grows to a number of 84 murders in 2017 and 403 farm attacks.

Note that there is a difference in the official SAPS numbers for 2017 and the TAU SA number of 84 farmers murdered.

Let us keep in mind that the SAPS is not very well known for its accuracy and efficiency and that the SAPS has refused to calculate farm murder statistics for a number of years so their systems are certainly not up to scratch.

We certainly can not dismiss the TAU SA figures.

These people are not known as liars and they say they have names of the farmers murdered and the dates and times it took place.

I am not sure of the breakdown between farmers, visitors on farms and farm workers murdered but certainly the vast majority would be white farmers and their familys.

In 2018 there was a sharp increase in farm attacks in South Africa.

Ernst Roets of Afriforum announced in June 2018 that during the first 6 months of 2017 there was 157 farm attacks and 40 murders.

This then shoots up to 210 farm attacks and 33 farm murders during the first 6 months of 2018.


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June 2018 was an exeptionally brutal month !

I wrote the following article after a particularly brutal 3 day period in June 2018, over the weekend from the 22-24 June .

Please read it .

Farmers Kallie Schoonraad , Peter Dawson, Jeffrey Zetler and Choppie and Marian Bruwer were all brutally murdered over that weekend along with several other elderly white people in their homes in towns .




I have calculated the figures in the TAU SA graph and it comes to 1933 farm murders since 1990 and 4482 farm attacks .

This is excluding 2018 figures .

Please dont call this "fake news" !

I have provided my sources .

The fake news is the President of South Africa and the many deniers of the truth who give out fake news .

One such a person was the young Adrian Fleur in London .

This is the rebuttal I wrote of a FB entry she made that went viral wherein she gives totally fake figures and deny the truth.

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The pictures you see in this article is of Kayla Meyer who was only 9 when she was murdered along with her family Monty McCormack, 73, his son Kennith McCormack, 42 and Kennith’s fiancee Marietjie who was Kayla's mother .

They were all bludgeoned to death on a smallholding in Rodora, Randfontein in 2016 .

The men you see in the pictures are farmers Jeffrey Zetler , Kallie Schoonraad and Peter Dawson who were all murdered on their farms in June 2018 .