I am writing this article in desparation and to place the murder of these innocent people on record .

I know this wont bring them back, but I believe it is important to take note of what is happening in South Africa today .

I know these are not the only murders that took place in South Africa during this time . But I will not keep quiet about these horrific murders since there is a clear trend emerging , a trend that I can not be quiet about . These were all innocent food producers on farms or elderly white people . And yes, they were all brutally executed in racial hate crimes . Black on white violence if you want .

If you never heard about these murders, it is because mainstream media could not be bothered . I obtained the information mostly from Netwerk24 -an Afrikaans online news site which has a paywall - and the Afrikaans medium Maroela Media news website.

Let us let the facts speak for themselves .

In a previously unreported incident the body of an 86 year lady was found in the Wag-n-Bietjie retirement home in Springs on Sunday morning . She was found murdered next to her bed . Her hands and feet were bound and there was a piece of cloth n her mouth . Her small house was plundered .

Her name has not yet been released .

What is shockingly clear is that all the other murders over the weekend were in fact executions .

Kallie Schoonraad was shot as soon as he came out of the house on Saturday on his farm near Rustenburg when he left his house just when five attackers arrived .

Peter Dawson was shot to death Saturday night when he tried to negotiate with home invaders not to hurt his daughter Chrystal . His daughter is lucky to be alive . She got a split second chance to ran away . She said the one attacker said he shot her father " because he got tired of talking " with her father . The incident happened on a smallholding at Hartbeespoort, Broederstroom, North West province .

Jeffrey Zetler was stabbed six times on Saturday on his strawberry farm in Stellenbosch when he had already opened the safe for the robbers .

Ex school principal Pierre Lotz [ 77 ] and his paralyzed and confined to bed wife was sleeping Sunday night in their home in Parys in the Free State when they heard a noise in the house . Pierre got up to investigate and found attackers who gained entry through the roof . They beat Pierre to death with a blunt object. His wife could not move at all .

Choppie Bruwer [ 78 ] and his wife Marian [ 68 ] were shot in the head , execution style, whilst bound to chairs in their house on a farm in Van Stadensrus in the Free State . The attack on them happened Monday night . A neighbour found them like that when people could not get hold of them .

The elderly Port Elizabeth woman who was brutally beaten with a hammer by two men who attacked her inside her Kamma Park home last month has also died this week Wednesday .

Ann Smit, 86, was found lying in a pool of blood inside her Martha Street, Kamma Park, home about four weeks ago .

She died from complications from that assault .

I did this summary of the weekend 1- 3 June , 2018 :

According to reports, Stefne Evans (60) was struck over the head with a brick during a house invasion in Bathurst on Sunday and died at the scene. Her partner was injured. In other incidents Boet Smal, (70+) was stabbed in his head and chest, died in his house on a smallholding in Heidelberg on Saturday. His wife Esther (60+), was stabbed in the back. Marie Venter (74) murdered in Reitz Friday. Her bloodied body found by her children Saturday .

Weekend of 15-17 June, 2018 :

Since Friday, within 56 hours, there were six farm attacks where two men were murdered on farms and two women seriously injured on farms. The two men murdered were Deon de Bruyn (25), who was shot on a farm in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga on Sunday and Horst Meier (81), whose body was discovered on a farm in Ladybrand in the Free State on Sunday. Horst was stabbed to death.

Estelle Jansen (59) was shot in the stomach, shoulders and legs in the same attack where Deon was killed. She is fighting for her life in the Mediclinic in Nelspruit. Dr Lesley van Niekerk (63), was shot on a farm near Modimolle on Friday and she is in a critical condition in the Unitas hospital in Centurion.

If all this happened in just one month, you can imagine what happened in the 24 years since the ANC took over....

This is a slow war . This is a slow genocide . I am forced to say it . I cant keep quiet anymore .

Will you keep quiet ? Until you become the next victim ?