• OH I'M UNHAPPY WITH TRANSPORT… let's burn buses!??
  • OH I'M UNHAPPY WITH SERVICE DELIVERY… let's burn a municipal building!??
  • OH I WANT FREE EDUCATION… let's burn a University!??

How to explain this ?

Let me try.

It has everything to do with promises made by the ruling ANC, promises that were not kept.

The ANC has promised a better life, they said they have a good story to tell.

Instead they have delivered only empty promises, e-tolls, high food and fuel prices, crappy education, high crime and state hospitals that resemble slaughterhouses and places where they kill you, not heal you, in many cases.

Trains are running late due to BEE deployments and money that was stolen through state capture exercises.

So " our people ", a term used by black politicians to refer to black people, are angry because their understanding was that they would also get a piece of the pie, although they knew very well that the ANC leaders were all a bunch of greedy thieves.

The fact that " our people " voted for criminals did not concern them in the least, just as long as those same ANC thieves drop some crumbs from the feasting table for the people who voted them in to sit at that table.

So in some perverse and twisted logic " our people " are showing their anger at the leaders they voted into the positions at the feeding trough.

They are saying that violence is the only way to draw the attention of the people they voted for.

Also remember that the ANC taught the people about boycot actions, how to riot, how to necklace people etc. in the 80's and early 90's in their quest to strenghten the ANC's hand.

What " our people " are saying is that they know the ANC are indeed a bunch of 2 bit tsotsis, but that those same tsotsis delivered their freedom and they dont trust anyone else to be in charge as the ANC's narrative that the DA will bring apartheid back is believed on the street.

That is why I said before that we will never move forward if we dont counter the narrative, change the narrative, put forward by the ANC and the liberal media that only the ANC delivered freedom, that only they know how to govern South Africa.

To see what I mean with changing the narrative, please read a previous article by myself :



In that article I argued that we will never change South Africa for the better if we dont change the national mindset and the hold the ANC/EFF has over the national mindset with the help of their hold over the media.

There is also the infiltration that Marxist/Communist ideology had into African culture that feeds a demand and entitlement culture that everything will be done for people by the State and that feeds the belief that people dont have to take personal responsibility for their own lives, community, and in the end their country.

People dont take ownership of their lives, community and country.

They dont realise that with freedom came responsibility.

I also think that, undeniably, there is a " group think "  by " our people ", the term widely used by black politicians, which means that a riot and destruction orgy can be organized in a minute.

All that needs to happen is for someone to step forward as a leader and say let us burn some stuff and the group mentality kick in in an instant.

At the end of the day this is certainly not how democracy works.

The most important principle of democracy is accountability.

If a party that promised things and stole all the money instead is not held accountable by voting them out at the next election, the pattern of self destruction will certainly continue.

The core element of the ANC's policy framework is slow racial warfare against the white minority.

In other words, slowly but surely strip whites of everything they ever worked for, that includes land.

The ANC believe they can feed on this for a long time and have enough crumbs available to drop of the table for " our people “, the ones who put them at the top of the food chain in the first place.

The ANC's slow war strategy is already directed at the other minority groups, the coloured/brown descendants of the Khoisan first peoples and the Indian community as well, although a large section of the Indian community still support the ANC.

This strategy of robbing Peter to pay Paul will inevitably backfire as those minority communities will get rid of the appeasers in their midst, develop a spine and start to fight back as they get tired of being made out as the villian and devil all the time by the ANC/EFF and their friends in the mainstream media, a situation which also lead to the type of cruel hate crimes we see daily on especially farmers and old white people.

If things dont change, South Africa will be just another Zimbabwe or Venezuela in 5-10 years time.

That must be our new " narrative ".

It is the truth after all.