Editors Note: This article was written by Sydney Letoaba before the cabinet shuffle - As a "prediction" it is pretty insightful !


We have said it before on this platform that South Africa does not have a Zuma problem per se but an ANC problem definitely.

That the ANC as a political party and organisation has pressed the self destruct button, and is on their way to imploding, regardless of who is at the helm.

Because we were so desperate to see Zuma's back, we celebrate any methodology that led to his removal from the presidency.

It was a matter of "The End Justifying The Means".

Both the ANC and Ramaphosa should not make the mistake of basking in the misconstrued glory of believing that they did society a big favour by removing Zuma.

Zuma's removal from the presidency was fait accompli.

The job was meticulously done by our Independent Judiciary, Civil Society at large including Civil Organisations and the ever vigilant Opposition Parties.

They were pressurised by the three societal compositions into taking the expected decision.

A decision the ANC was uncomfortable in undertaking and we were once again, as was the case in the Nkandla matter where we were exposed to the ANC lexicon of bufoonery where a swimming pool is renamed a "fire pool", told all sorts of propaganda.

Zuma's expected removal from the presidency was conviniently referred to as his "transition" from the presidency.

That it had to be handled with care and that he was not to be embarrassed.

As if we cared !!!

We watched in horror, sleeping very late at night waiting for the headless chickens that Ramaphosa and the ANC had become, to do the right thing.

We were tortured and exposed to Ace Magashule and Jessie Duarte's rumblings as they twisted and turned like cornered snakes, trying to convince society that Zuma's "transition" was being dealt with, "constructively and fruitfully".

Again, as if we cared !!!!

We should never ever lose sight of the fact that it was the very Ramaphosa and the ANC that on eight occasions, steadfastly defended Zuma when the opposition parties tried desperately to remove Zuma through the motion of no confidence in Parliament.

That it was the very Ramaphosa and the ANC that found it difficult to recall an ordinary member of its organisation, who had joined the ANC voluntarily and could be recalled simply in terms of its own constitution in addition to a precedent that was already created in the recalling of the former president Thabo Mbeki.

Ramaphosa's inclination to be indicisive and his misplaced obsession of trying to achieve the impossible, that of trying to unite the fractured ANC, is not only going to be his undoing but his Achilles Heel as well.

We're going to watch excruciatingly as he twists and turns in deciding as to when he should get rid of the rot and putrid smell permeating through the ANC in the form and likes of Bathabile Dlamini, Faith Muthambi, Msebenzi Zwane, Malusi Gigaba, Nomvula Mokonyane, Shaun Abrahams, etc, etc.

His indicisiveness gives a real possibility that we're going to have exposed to the probability of the clueless and hapless Gupta lackey Gigaba, delivering the budget speech on Wednesday.

The probability that his much anticipated cabinet reshuffle might turn into nothing but a damp squib as he desperately, as is the case with both structures such as the divided ANC NEC and top 6, attempts to appoint a cabinet that is mixed with both warring factions as he continues with his "unity" project.

But he can rest assured that society has seen through the ANC, HIM INCLUDED !!

That the societal composition indicate above, by hook or crook, will finally get rid of the rot of the that is imposed upon it by Ramaphosa and his ANC gang.