ANC vs King Zwelithini - A potentially lethal situation.

ANC vs King Zwelithini - A potentially lethal situation.

If Cyril wants a fight then he is certainly heading in the right direction.

Dr Aninka Claassens, a senior researcher at the University of Cape Town's (UCT) department of public law and who has also served on a high-level panel appointed by Parliament to review legislation on land reform said earlier this week that "President Cyril Ramaphosa bending the knee to Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini is not surprising and has to do with mining rights."

But is it about mining rights?

By now most people have seen through all the rhetoric and have realized that the main aim of the ANC is to get all the land in the country out of the hands of private individuals and companies and that everything has to belong to the government.

This is pretty standard Marxist/Leninist doctrine

The government has to be in control of everything.

Just ask yourself the question "How much of the land that has already been aquired by the ANC lead government under the flag of redistribution has actually passed on to the people that it was aquired for - how many title deeds have been issued?"

The answer is "NOT MANY" !!!

Remember that without a title deed no-one can raise a capital loan

to develop the land that they in fact do not own.

So these people who according to the ANC are land owners but in reality are not are not able to develop it!!!

The Ingonyama Trust which is administered by the Zulu King Goodwil Zwelithini has control over what is arguably the largest area of land under the control of one person or organization in South Africa.

BUT all this land could be taken away from the Ingonyama Trust with a simple signature by Ramaphosa.

AND King Zwelithini is fully aware of this!

Ramaphosa skipped a community meeting in Chatsworth last week to rather go to Ulundi to meet King Zwelithini.

The president said he assured the king in a "wonderful meeting" that neither the government nor the ANC had any intention of taking land from the Ingonyama Trust.

However the record of the ANC as far as keeping promises and delivering on undertakings is indeed a dismal one.

King Zwelithini is fully aware of this as well!!!

He (King Zwelithini) has since the release of the report made several "veiled threats of violence and secession".

Remember that King Goodwill Zwelithini is the trust's sole trustee.

Claassens is of the opinion that there is no threat to land that is being administered by the trust but rather that the real issue is that the Motlanthe-led panel dared to criticise the Ingonyama Trust.

She said "The trust is relying on the President's statement to ensure that all forms of oversight will stop."

Carrying on Claassens explaind as follows:

"What is really happening in KwaZulu-Natal is the most simple form of rent-seeking."

"The trust is commodifying land people lived on for years, that it entrenches structural inequality."

Claassens also claims that it is all about benefits or mining and that multinational mining companies are involved.

Now we have all seen this before have we not!

Just ask yourself on how many occasions has the ANC elite made gifts of South African resources to foreign nationals and multi-national companies and received as yet undisclosed amounts of bribe money or if you want, consultancy fees - which in effect are the same thing.

Zuma is a Zulu and under Zuma's presidency the King probably felt at ease.

However Ramaphosa is NOT a Zulu and Luthuli House (where Cyril gets his orders from) is in all probability now telling him to get on with gathering all the land in South Africa so that the government controls everything as is the communist doctrine.

The point is that at the first sign of interference (such as "reforming the Ingonyama Trust" as has been suggested) or simply grabbing the land then the ANC will have such a big problem on their hands that they will not know how to handle it.

All that the King needs to do is issue a royal decree and all hell will break loose!