I have a question. Was the ZANC's drawn out elective conference a civilized and democratic election and gathering ? It was certainly chaotic. And I wonder how much money was spent on this and who paid.

But did we see a conference conducted by a group of civilized and patriotic people taking part in a democratic system ? Or was this just one giant horse trading event with deals sealed by party hacks in smoke filled rooms ?

It certainly looks intimidating at times when you have mobs chanting war songs and surging towards the podium like an attacking impi. The threat of chaos and force is always present if a specific outcome is not accepted.

For whose interests do these delegates work ? For their own or their constituents ? I think we know the answer to that. The ZANC being the pyramid scheme that it is will always allow the people at the top to feast first at the taxpayer money feeding trough.

This whole conference was about money and who will feed first.

The interest of the country and the people come second, in fact it cant even come second , because they dont even think of that.

If you look at the elected top 6, you will see that the unreformed criminal faction of the ZANC placed three of their own in the top 6, the outright gangsters and Gupta associates Jesse Duarte, Ace Magashule and David Mabuza. These 3 are spectacularly corrupt and captured, yet they serve in the top 6 of the ANC.

The other 3 dont instill much confidence either. Gwede Mantashe is a thorougly corrupt trough eater himself, he just work through his wife and children. Old Gwede is such a chameleon that a new word in the SA lexicon was derived from him. It is now said that one mantash if you are a person who change your mind often

Paul Mashatile is certainly not a shining example of honesty and Cyril has been the silent inaction man saying nothing whilst state capture happened on his watch.

This conference really showed us who and what the ANC really is, a rotten organized crime group, disguised as a black nationalistic freedom movement