ANC proposes Eskom breakup

ANC proposes Eskom breakup

Paul Mashatele says that Eskom is an elephant that is too big and is battling.

This is what he told the Cape Press Club yesterday.

What he is proposing is that the useless and tragic state Electricity Supply Commission be broken up into 3 "parts":

  1. Production (The generation of electricity)
  2. Transmission (Getting the electricity to where it is needed using those massive pylons and towers cris-crossing the countryside)
  3. Distribution (Getting the power from the sub-station to houses and factories.)

To be honest, these 3 sections already exist in Eksdom!!!

The problem is that management of the power utility and the 3 "departments" are for the most part "political" and "BEE" appointees.

That means that (once again, for the most part) everything is being run by individuals who would not know a "volt" if one bit them in the bum.

So why do they want to do this is the question...

Lets see....

We all know that there have been a stream of incapable and dubious idiots running things at Eksdom for years.

And these idiots have been wasting, squandering and stealing money and resources like coal, by the truckload.

Now the "writing" is on the wall and someone has pointed out that there are going to be commissions of inquiry into the whole sorry mess and they will not be "playing nice"!

These people were mostly Zuma's "people" and now Zuma cannot protect them any more and if Ramaphosa does what he says he is going to do then they are (to put it politely) SCREWED!!!

The fact that they were "Zuma's people" will not help either because I strongly suspect that Cyril is quietly targeting "Zuma's people" and they know it.

So why not break Eksdom up?

That will mean that the "original" Eksdom no longer exists and a lot of incriminating evidence will be able to be made to "go away".

Which means that the idiots that caused Eksdom to become the spectacular failure that it is, will be able to make all sorts of "I didn't know" claims - much like Zuma's "What did I do wrong?" bull$#1T.

But if they do then hopefully it means that private enterprise will be able to put power in the grid AND GET PAID FOR IT !!!

At the moment there are all sorts of wind turbines and solar powered generation facilities dotted around the country and from what I have been told, they can generate power and put it into the power grid but they will not get paid for it.

THAT right there is a monopoly trying to remain a monopoly.

Much like DSTV (but that is another story).

So where will this story go?

Wherever it goes it should be interesting to watch some of the corrupt fat cats "squirm".