A Salute to Aubrey F O Callaghan a man of substance

A Salute to Aubrey F O Callaghan a man of substance

Text of article by ME

To Aubrey:

Today I would like us to pay homage to Aubrey F O,Callaghan.

From Daniels idea to the birth of Uncaptured SA Aubrey has remained unwavering in his commitment to this project.

He has lived through personal tragedy and situations that would defeat most Humans but during this time has STILL managed to contribute to the building of this site.

Frankly I am amazed and in awe of this man.

Without Him this would not have been possible

You are a true warrior for the cause and I salute You Sir!

To Daniel Sutherland:

The founder of Uncaptured SA

This is another exceptional human being who I have had the privilege of talking to personally.

He somehow manages to hold down a taxing job,support his invalid mother and fine time to mine for and post innumerable relevant and interesting articles.

He walks a fine line between highlighting the misdeeds of our rulers,promoting racial harmony and being fair,which is no easy thing to do in this country of ours.

Judging by his loyal following I would say he is the Dean of us FB activists.

May Your brainchild grow by leaps and bounds and judging by the quality of the people who are joining I have no doubt

To The Writers:

May inspiration guide your pens.

Be brave,fair,accountable and have the courage of your convictions.

Above all be honest

May God speed you.

To The Admins and Moderators.

The unsung heroes who keep it all going...For Free!

Thank you for your efforts.You are just as important to the success of this site as anybody else.

Without You there would be no "Team" in Team Effort

Mike Edwards