After Zuma, the EFF is a farce

After Zuma, the EFF is a farce

Mr Malema is as popular as Zuma was.

Zuma cruised to the Union Buildings on a wave of victimhood and a pro-poor ticket.

He was a darling of the media, the black middle strata and the adoring masses.

To them he could do no wrong.

Criminal charges against him were "trumped up by Mbeki's people and white capital" as far as his followers were concerned.

When Bishop Desmond Tutu warned that his reckless libidinous activities posed a risk to the dignity of his office, Fikile Mbalula challenged Tutu to confess publicly how many women he bedded his life.

Remember when Blade, Vavi and Jackson marched on the Goodman gallery and Jackson called on consumers to boycott City Press for "The Spear"?

Hundreds of billions of Rands later...

Zuma's and Malema's egos clashed...

And voila, the EFF was born and unleashed on the people of South Africa...

And Zuma was on his way out.

After Zuma, Malema remains the undisputed king of outrageous populism.

Again, the masses worship the cult and believe he can do no wrong.

Just as Malema brooked no criticism of Zuma and wanted to kill for him, his sidekicks brook no criticism of their leader, Julius Malema.

Julius Malema...

He was omniscient!

And he was omnipotent.

His word is law!

They're prepared to rough up journalists...

And people who have opposing views...

And other races!

His followers in parliament and municipalities have adopted his style:

  • unashamedly arrogant
  • hysterical
  • temperamental
  • vengeful
  • egotistic
  • racist
  • violent

They may at occasions speak "left" - and call themselves Marxist-Leninist.

But their methods are straight from the far right!

Complete with uniforms, military titles and absolute obedience to the supreme leader.

But Marx mocks them:

"History repeats itself. The first as tragedy, then as farce".

After the Zuma tragedy, the EFF is a farce.

Gauta Komane