A  man driving a getaway vehicle was arrested on Wednesday in Bloemfontein after a CIT robbery.

Turns out the vehicle belongs to the ANC man and the getaway driver is his friend.

More evidence has emerged of ANC involvement in CIT [ Cash-in-transit ] robberies.

This time in the Free State.

The incident was again kept tightly under wraps , just like when Police arrested an employee of Luthuli House [ better known as Loot Freely House ], Errol Velile Present,  after a CIT robbery in Soweto in early July.

He was linked to 2 other CIT robberies.

In that case the ANC only acknowledged that Present worked for them and took action after Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba revealed the arrest of Present on his FB page.

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In the latest incident that occurred on Wednesday, Police arrested a 38 old man driving a BMW X5 after a CIT robbery that occurred in Brandwag, Bloemfontein.

Police spotted and pulled off the car suspected to be involved.

During the search, one R5 rifle, one LM5 rifle and a pistol, all with serial numbers filed off, rifle magazines and ammunition, as well as a pistol magazine with ammunition, a hand radio and an undisclosed amount of cash were found.

hidden arms and ammunition

A bag containing various equipment suspected to be used during heists and armed robberies was also found.

Police said that during a further investigation at the suspect’s house, more ammunition and suspected explosives were found.

It was discovered that the suspect is linked to the cross-pavement robbery that occurred at the garage in Brandwag earlier that day.

The term "cross-pavement robberies" is used when guards are robbed while carrying cash from the vans to a business or vice versa.

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Turns out the BMW X5 belongs to  the Deputy Chairperson of ANC Free State William Bulwane.

It appears from screengrabs from an ANC whattsapp group that Bulwane admits his car was used, but he denies being involved in criminal activity.

Screenshot of WhatsApp message

I picked up this information , on the twitter account of "Man's Not Barry Roux".

Mans Not Barry Roux

The following are  tweets from him :

"This man who was arrested with Guns in William's car is a close friend of the Deputy Chairperson of ANC free state William Bulwane while William is claiming that it is his mechanic."

"William Bulwane's story does not hold water. He says his X5 was broken so he gave it to the guy to fix it but there is no record to show the car was ever repaired. And if it was repaired why wasn't it returned back to him? "

"Sad news for William Bulwane, there is CCTV footage of him driving the vehicle FXN 187 FS last week Saturday and again on Tuesday before the suspect was arrested on Wednesday. Now the whole car repair story is out of the window."

"Hawks have the CCTV footage & they're still trying to link him to the footage. But here is another angle the Hawks are looking at. Remember the Cash Heist kingpin Wellington "Bibi" Cenanda was recently arrested in Bloemfontein.

What could’ve took him to Bloemf if not to meet... "

Photo of easy to hide number plate on vehicle

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