When the extent of the looting of state resources became public knowledge in 2016/2017 the Zuptas engaged the Bell-Pottinger public relations firm to formulate and implement a propaganda campaign to shift public attention and energy away from the Zupta looting and focus it on bitter strife between racial groups which they fomented in this country.

The notion of White Monopoly Capital (WMC) was invented as the focus of hatred which represented all whites.

The Zupta-Bell-Pottinger (ZBP) strategy was an elaboration and intensification of the standard ANC excuse of blaming all their failings on apartheid.

An anecdote will illustrate the effect of the ZBP strategy on people:

Currently there is an outbreak of listeriosis which has been traced by experts to contaminated processed meat products of Tiger Brands.

Editorial Note : Unconfirmed reports have been received by UnCapturedSA that there is a lot more to the "Contaminated Meats" story than meets the eye or is being currently reported.

We will keep our readers appraised of any news on the subject should such news become available.

I have been amazed by the number of people who are suggesting in the social media that Tiger Brands be closed.

Thar would be a terrible idea.

Now contaminated food is a serious matter but it occasionally happens all over the world.

The solution is to improve controls and not to close down firms in a country with such high unemployment.



I suspect that people who want the firm to be closed down are motivated by hatred for WMC.

Anything that inflicts pain on WMC is welcomed.

The main characteristic of the ZBP strategy was that it manipulated simple minded people of modest intelligence to cut their noses to spite their faces.

The ZBP propaganda narrative became the ideology of the looting faction of the ANC led by Jacob Zuma.

Therefore a reliable test to determine whether an ANC leader subscribes to the looting ideology of the Zuptas is to assess how much they subscribe to the ZBP racial strife narrative.

In my view the most disturbing thing about Ramaphosa is not his retention of looters in the cabinet because this is only a symptom of the problem.

What is truly disturbing is that Ramaphosa subscribes to the ZBP narrative.

A manifestation of the ZBP narrative is the view that all white people who own land stole that land and therefore it is justified to confiscate it without compensation.

In terms of this view land hunger is a major cause of economic inequality so that the transfer of land to black hands will go a long way in addressing inequality.

In other words the so called Radical Economic Transformation [RET] entails the confiscation of land from whites without compensation.

Now it does not take much sophistication to know that handing over land to "peasants" with no capital does not improve their economic position even if the land is handed to them as a highly productive farm.

Such "peasants" have been known to strip assets, establish shanty towns and proceed to seek work in the neighbouring white owned farm.

ANC people who advocate land confiscation without compensation know all of this but they are not concerned about raising the economic position of blacks.

If it were so "concerned" they would send black people to competently run schools and colleges!!!

They want to achieve equality by lowering the economic position of whites !!!

It is a vindictive political stance intended to inflict pain on so called WMC.

At best, land confiscation without compensation can enable ANC elites to get farms of their choice for free!

This is merely a continuation of current looting.

So the idea is to transform the constitution so that it authorizes looting.

The idea is to hi-jack our constitutional democracy for looters.

That is the program which ZuptaPhosa is engaged in.

It is aluta continua for the looters.

RamaZuptas cabinet which retains thieves was no accident.

Themba Mdlalose

06 March 2018