CRADLE TO 'THE CABAL' - Shadow State strikes back [Pt 2 ]

CRADLE TO 'THE CABAL' - Shadow State strikes back [Pt 2 ]

The captured cabal in the NPA loyal to Jacob Zuma embarks on a 'show trial' in a major fight back campaign against forces trying to unravel the 'Shadow State'.

A 'show trial' is something that hark back to Soviet Communist days when someone would be put on trial to serve a political agenda and to satisy the powers that be.

It has absolutely nothing to do with serving the interest of justice!

Yesterday 3 men appeared in court in a case that is the perfect example of a show trial.

We have seen how Jacob Zuma783, and the ANC in general, has manipulated the legal system to suit their agendas.

In short we never had an independent head of the NPA since the ANC created the institution called the National Prosecuting Authority.

Jacob Zuma783 repurposed the entire Police and NPA to serve his agenda.

He appointed lackeys at the head of these institutions who loyally served his agenda to look the other way when his cartel committed massive looting but at the same time harass and prosecute people who stood in their way.

The current head of the NPA , Shaun 'the Sheep' Abrahams is a prime example of such a Zuma783 lackey.

The 3 men who appeared in the show trial yesterday are Ivan Pillay, Johann Van Loggerenberg and Andries 'Skollie' Jansen van Rensburg, who all worked for SARS previously and were forced out by Tom Moyane.

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The prosecutor in the show trial is Adv Sello Gladstone Maema, one of Shaun Abrahams's CABAL or captured group of lackeys loyal to Zuma783 and his looting brigade.

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We are basically talking about going after the good guys to protect the bad guys, that is the basic way THE CABAL in the NPA operate.

The charges levelled at the accused in the current 'show trial' relate to 'Project Sunday Evenings', an opaque and secretive intelligence exercise allegedly run by SARS in 2007 in order to spy on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) who were busy prosecuting then Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi.

Beeld and amaBhungane revealed evidence that Janse van Rensburg along with another SARS official Helgard Lombard installed secret cameras in selected offices and boardrooms at the NPA headquarters in Pretoria.

Lombard turned state witness (2014) and alleged that Pillay and Van Rensburg told him to keep the R100,000 NPA bill for the surveillance equipment.

The project was sanctioned and signed off on from the NPA's side, but no evidence could be found that the NPA knew they had contracted SARS officials.

There is also no evidence that the SARS officials were instructed by SARS management to conduct the operation.

Nevertheless, Janse van Rensburg and Lombard allegedly gained illegal access to the video footage, transcribed it and gave it to Pillay.

What happened to the surveillance footage and transcriptions remains unclear.

The NPA will however hit one snag in charging Van Loggerenberg over 'Sunday Evenings' in 2007 he was not managing the unit headed by Van Rensburg.

That unit is the HRIU (the High Risk Investigation Unit) the unit that became the target of Zuma783 'dezinformatsiya' after the unit digged too deep in his tax affairs and criminal cigarette smuggling syndicates where his one son Edward Zuma and other cronies were involved.

Here is the thing...

The NPA alleges 'rogue unit' activity but if you read the charge sheet there is not one single thing included that was allegedly done by the SARS 'rogue unit' according to reporting by the Sunday Times at the time.

Things like running brothels etc.

None of that is mentioned.

In fact the only illegal thing mentioned is illegal spying on the NPA - something that was surely done to find out what the NPA at the time had on Zuma783 and Jackie Selebi.

So in other words the only illegal thing done WAS FOR THE BENEFIT OF ZUMA783 !

This court case will be most interesting and enlightening.

Can't wait for all the details that will link ANC officials to spying FOR THE BENEFIT OF ZUMA !

In fact, where DID the spy tapes originated from that was used by Zuma's lawyer to get Kom Raid #783 off the hook ?

I love it when the truth comes out !