CR is the new president of the ANC- WHAT NOW

CR is the new president of the ANC- WHAT NOW

CR is the new president of the ANC!

What does this actually mean?

How can or will things change and when?

Well, one thing is for certain and that is that JZ is NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!

BUT he is still the president of South Africa

Now the first question that needs to be asked is this:

When does Ramaposa actually become the president of the ANC?

Is it with immediate effect?

Is it after the new NEC (National Executive Committee) has taken up position?

Is it after the General Election that will be taking place in 2019?


To be honest I do not know!

I have had a look at the ANC Constitution and have not seen definitive answers to these questions as yet.

But let us assume that Ramaposa is the president of the ANC from the minute that the results of the vote was declared.

Then he (Ramaposa) is now the president of the ANC BUT he is NOT the president of South Africa!

Zuma will still be in that roll until after the 2019 General Election is called!

Unless of course he gives up the position voluntarily which is NOT in keeping with his ego!

But he could be thrown out IF there is another "Parliamentary Vote Of No Confidence" and the ANC parliamentarians are instructed by their new ANC president (CR) to vote him out.


In that case Cyril Ramaposa will in all likelihood be sworn in as interim president until the elections come around.

And this is probably what is going to happen because Ramaposa needs to start "cleaning house" as it were and showing the electorate that the ANC has changed and put on a new "party dress".

But what will this mean for Zuma, thrown out of power in disgrace by someone who is NOT very friendly towards him in the first place and in the second place, needs to get on with trying to "transform" the ANC into a "respectable" political party leading up to the next election.

Let us face facts, the only reason why Zuma has lasted so long is because he is the president of South Africa and as he previously disclosed, more importantly, the president of the ANC.

So with all that power stripped away what has he got?

He probably has got mountains of "dirt" on every member of the ANC but will that be enough to keep him in the South African presidency and out of the courts and jail.

His "Keepers" are probably going to melt away like mist in the morning because what has he to offer?


If Zuma is stripped of the South African Presidency you can bet that in some way or other Ramaposa will go after him in a big way as part of "proving to the electorate" that the ANC is busy cleaning up their act.

The 400 plus criminal charges will almost instantly come into play and much will be made about each and every one of them by the ANC Spin Doctors.

So if I were Zuma then I would have already left South Africa on Sunday!

I personally think that CR winning and not NDZ was a serious blow to Zuma because with NDZ as the new president of the ANC Jacob Zuma would have had time to possibly finish off his plan for the capture of South Africa by forcing a situation where a state of emergency could be declared and then he would have been able to call off the 2019 election and declare himself "president for life" and then it would be "corruption as usual" until the people rose up and deposed him in a coup.

Hopefully that will never happen in our fair country!!!

As far as the ANC under the new leadership of Ramaposa goes, there is one very important thing that ALL citizens of South Africa need to remember:

Yes there is a new president of the ANC.

Yes he proclaims loudly that HE is going to clean up the ANC.


To "clean up" the ANC then Ramaposa is going to have to get rid of EVERY office bearer currently in the ANC BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL GUILTY OF BEING A PART OF THE ZUMA RAMPAGE!!!


And even if these office bearers were not directly involved in the crimes, capture and corruption that has been taking place, they are guilty of NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING and getting rid of Zuma!

That is possibly an even bigger crime, not protecting their country as they swore to do.

Like the Titanic and the USSR, the "UNSINKABLE" is going down - and about time in my opinion.