Call in the Army, says MEC

Call in the Army, says MEC

Debbie SchaferEducation MEC Debbie Schafer made this statement BUT there are things to consider.

MEC Schafer was speaking in the context of the gang violence in Kraaifontein in the Cape and what she is saying is something that many peace loving citizens of South Africa agree with.

Its not only gang violence in the Western Cape that needs to be addressed but violent protest action, violent civil disobedience, out of control strike violence and destruction and general criminality that all fall into the same category.

The question is "Will simply calling in the military provide a solution?"

Or will it simply lead to another Marikana type of tragedy?

And that was with the Police present, NOT the Army!!!

Crime and violence is a massive, rotten boil on South African society and like a boil on the skin of a person, it needs to be dealt with, effectively and quickly before it poisons the entire body (or country) and kills it.

Now when dealing with a puss filled boil on a person, the doctor uses a scalpel and is careful to ensure that only the boil is removed.

The doctor does not take a machete and simply chop off the entire arm or leg.

That would cause the patient permanent damage and sometimes even death.

And unfortunately simple "Calling in the Army" would have a similar effect on the nation.

Another Marikana - or probably worse !!!!

Now I agree with the MEC that the police are not able to deal with the escalated situation as it stand - they are not trained to handle this level of violence and that in itself is a dangerous thing because without proper training the individual officer is scared and that can easily lead to simply opening fire out of fear despite not having been given the order to do so.

And the government has for the last 20 plus years not given police officers anywhere near the quality of training that there should have been which makes me wonder just how many police officers have actually been given competent instruction AND PASSED COMPETANCY TESTS on the weapons that they are issued with.

Or any other meaningful training for that matter...

So, the Police are supposed to be the "doctor with his scalpel" but this is obviously not working...

On the other hand, the military (and please do not think that the current SANDF is anywhere near as well trained as the pre-1994 SADF) is like the machete mentioned and will do the same type of damage.

So how should it be handled by the government?

IF there is enough political will to tackle the problem and not just give it "lip service" !!!


The answer is well trained military grade snipers (seconded from the military if need be) armed with proper sniping rifles and telescopic sights that have video cameras built into the sights.

When the safety catch is released then whatever is seen through the telescope should be recorded AUTOMATICALLY!!!


Julias MalemaOver the last months Julius Malema has been shouting about a "leaderless uprising".

This is total nonsense!!!

Malema has realized that at some point HE is going to be held to account for instigating all sorts of criminal acts, violence and murders of innocent civilians just to further his own political aspirations and he is simply trying to cover his own butt.

Malema - we are on to you - it is NOT going to work!!!

Here is the thing - there is ALWAYS a leader!!!

There is ALWAYS someone who is egging the crowd on to perform the criminal acts!!

There is ALWAYS an instigator!!! ALWAYS a HEAD !!!

Now the mob is looking at that person (or maybe 2 or 3 instigators) and the military sniper targets them - either a head shot or one to the center mass of the body - and they fall lifelessly to the ground.

Then what happens to the mob?

Suddenly each person in the mob gets a dose of REALITY !!!

The person (or people) that they are looking to for leadership are dead on the ground!!!

Strike ViolenceThe Constitution tells us that we all have the right to strike and protest.


The Criminal section of the Constitution AS WELL AS THE LAW deals with that!

Too many people in South Africa believe that by calling what they are doing "PROTEST" or "STRIKE" action they are entitled to get away with murder, assault and destruction of property.

Those people are mistaken - and should be held liable for their actions - even is the price is their own death - and with video evidence it will be easy to prove that they had NO RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTION THAT THEY CLAIM PROTECTION UNDER !!!