Calling out someone STUPID!

Calling out someone STUPID!

Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu has just made what is arguably one of the most rediculous demand EVER to come out of the ANC lead government!!!

She had the bare faced cheek to issue the Australian High Commissioner to South Africa (Adam McCarthy) a diplomatic démarche (in other words, an objection).

But wait! It gets BETTER!!!

Australia, in the form of their Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, said that 'South African farmers require “special attention” as they’re being persecuted!'

This was in connection to allowing white South African farmers to emigrate to Australia in light of the ongoiung #FarmMurder situation which the ANC is doing ABSOLUTELY BUGGERALL ABOUT!!!

You know, all the "BOTCHED ROBBERIES" that the government has been ignoring for much of the time that they have been running South Africa (into the ground).

They do not even KNOW how many there have been and are simply trying to sweep them all "under the carpet".

Well, I have some news for them: THE CARPET IS TOO SMALL FOR THEM TO ALL FIT UNDER!!!

Like most South Africans, I DO NOT LIKE AUSTRALIA!!! But that is a rugby thing...

Further than that, they are not to bad of a bunch even though they "talk funny" but at least the Australian politicians are not so blind and dumb as to think that the #FarmMurders are an illusion.

They are a fact of life here in South Africa and too many farmers have fallen!!

And many more of our surviving farmers are TOTALLY GATVOL of hearing every day, day after day, month in and month out, about yet another of their number who has been brutally killed along with their entire families by these marauding tsotsies.

And of course the BIG question is "Is the ANC supporting, even orchestrating the deadly onslaught against our farming community?"

COME ON Minister Comrade (whatever) Lindewe Sisulu, ANSWER THAT QUESTION instead of showing the entire world just how "stupid" you are prepared to portray yourself on the world stage.