Capture of the NPA deepens. Justice is dead.

Capture of the NPA deepens. Justice is dead.

Our courts have fallen to black nationalism and state capture forces.

It shows without a shadow of a doubt that the Courts have now become a joke and are captured by the ANC.

We dont have independent courts anymore and they are now merely ANC kangaroo tribunals.

The SCA ( Supreme Court of Appeals ) has just made a majority ruling that went along racial lines - 3 black judges in favour , 2 white judges against.

This means that the appeal of Advocates Nomgcobo Jiba and Lawrence Mrwebi has been upheld and that sees their return to the NPA.

Jiba and Mrwebi lodged an appeal against the earlier ruling of the North Gauteng High Court that they be scrapped from the roll of advocates after their handling of the Richard Mdluli case - they protected him against prosecution.

Jiba drove Adv Glynnis Breytenbach out of the NPA because Breytenbach wanted to prosecute Mdluli.

The GCB ( General Council of the Bar ) lodged a successful case in court in 2016 that Jiba and Mrwebi be scrapped from the roll of advocates and the 2 have been on special leave ever since.

Now 3 black judges of the SCA, Jerry Shongwe, Willie Seriti ( he who did the arms deal whitewash ) and Connie Mocumie ordered that these 2 lackeys of Zuma783 , Jiba and Mrwebi, return to the NPA.

This is a massive blow and shows that South Africa is now just a country for the elite and corrupt blacks and that even black judges cover for them.

Judges Eric Leach and Christiaan van der Merwe of the SCA held a minority view that Jiba and Mrwebi's scrapping from the roll of advocates is justified.

AfriForum is still planning to privately prosecute Jiba on perjury charges on behalf of General Johan Booysen.

Those charges were laid last year.

If Shaun the Sheep decline to prosecute Jiba, Afriforum will obtain a nolle prosequi certificate from the NPA and institute private prosecution.

Efforts to clean up the NPA has just received a mortal blow.

Justice is dead.