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Recently I published a short one paragraph post in which I remarked that those who claim that Mandela and the whites are responsible for the economic woes of Africans insult me more profoundly than those who call us "kaffirs".

In particular the insult on Mandela reminds me of a biblically based saying about casting pearls before swines.

Go to any country in the world and you will find that those who know of Mandela wish that he had been their countryman.

The whole world regards him as a pearl.

But the swines back home in South Africa think that Mandela only deserves insults.

It is the sort of behaviour which, in my personal opinion, fully justifies that a person be called worse than a "kaffir".

Because it reflects badly on all black South Africans it is also a profound insult on me.

This treatment of Mandela was initiated by the Bell Pottinger propaganda campaign.

Now people become easy victims of propaganda precisely as a result of modest intellectual capacity.

So it is too much to expect such victims to be able to justify, logically, why they hold views which were fed into them by means of skilful propaganda.

Yet a propaganda meme requires a reason, however illogical, to attach itself firmly to a brain.

There are various "reasons" why Mandela is now considered a sellout.

The most important of these is based on a 100% lie that Chris Hani and his gallant Mkhonto Wesizwe had the apartheid forces at his mercy.

In terms of this narrative Mandela then "unilaterally" suspended the armed struggle much to the annoyance of Chris Hani and Winnie Mandela.

Thereafter Mandela negotiated a compromise deal which left land and "the economy" in the hands of whites.

For the sake of the youngsters who were not there I repeat for the umpteenth time that Chris Hani and Umkhonto never came even close to defeating anyone.

In fact during the negotiating phase Chris Hani spent most of his time either in the Transkei or in Mandela’s house.

Exiles, like Hani, were allowed to come back on condition they would conduct themselves peacefully.

People, including MK, were not allowed by the government of the day to roam around carrying arms.

Another reason why Mandela is called a sellout is that he conducted secret talks with the government while in prison.

These talks are then used to sow the suspicion that Mandela concluded secret deals with whites.

Indeed the talks were secret at the time because the apartheid regime kept them secret and, as a prisoner, Mandela was hardly in a position to call press conferences.

However Mandela told all about the talks as soon as he was released.

The fact that they had senior ANC leaders in their own prisons was convenient to the apartheid government which initially did not want the world to know that they intended negotiating with the ANC.

The government naturally wanted to ascertain the views of the ANC to assess the chances of successful negotiations.

If they had concluded a secret agreement with the regime it could not have been binding to the ANC and it would not be enforceable while remaining secret.

Only the courts have the power tp enforce contracts and such contracts have to be consistent with the constitution.

The only time Mandela had extended discussions alone with the regime was before his release.

Between 11 Feb 1990 and 27 April 1994 Mandela led a large delegation of negotiators, constitutional draftsmen and facilitators of the integration of ANC structures such as the army and intelligence.

Chris Hani participated in arrangements to integrate MK into the SADF as did Zuma participate in the integration of ANC intelligence into the SA intelligence agency.

All agreements of that period are public knowledge and encapsulated by the constitution.

The priority issue in the negotiations of 1990 to 1994 was the transfer of political power to the majority.

Before that only whites could vote and only whites could be members of parliament or the cabinet.

The whites only parliament enacted laws which disadvantaged blacks, the so called apartheid laws, which decreed where blacks were allowed to stay or buy land and which schools and hospitals they were allowed to utilize and which public transport or public beeches blacks could use.

These laws even determined who a person could go to bed with.

Political power was indeed transferred to the majority in 1994.

With this power blacks took direct control of the most strategic sector of the economy, the giant infrastructural State Owned Enterprises [SOEs] such as Eskom, Telkom, Prasa etc.

Control of ESKOM for instance gave blacks all the power they needed to peacefully and legally take control of the entire coal and uranium mining industry.

So much construction is controlled by the state that the ANC had all the power to take over the entire civil engineering industry including cement and iron and steel production.

The ANC did not need to beg anyone to take over these industries and much more.

All they needed was to utilize the 100% political power they had gained in 1994.

So if Mandela left the economy in white hands he also left the ANC with all the political tools it needed to take over economic power.

Instead of seriously improving black education in order to prepare blacks to take over the economy, the ANC introduced an education system for blacks, in townships and rural areas, which is worse than the apartheid era Bantu education.

The gap between the rubbish education reserved for blacks in the townships and the education available in the formerly whites only suburbs is widening every day.

This is part of the explanation for the fact that whites are so much richer than blacks.

Another part of the explanation is that instead of using control of SOE's to gain more economic power for blacks the Zuma presidency was outsourced to Indians who used the power to grab control of SOE's and transfer South African wealth to India and Dubai.

So it takes a "kaffir" mind to arrive at the absurd conclusion that Mandela and the whites are responsible for the economic woes of blacks.

By a "kaffir" I mean an irredeemably stupid person.

Likewise those who seek to convince me that whites and Mandela are responsible for the joblessness and poverty of blacks have such a low opinion of my intelligence that they imagine I am more stupid than even a "kaffir".

This is the reason why I feel so profoundly insulted by this attempt to make me complicit in shifting the blame to whites and Mandela.

As for those who want to pick up a fight with whites to gain political points, I do not know if whites can be blamed for regarding them as "kaffirs".

They will probably not say it in public but it is not difficult to imagine what they think.

Themba Mdlalose

23 July 2018