Do we blame the politicians or do we blame the electorate ?

Do we blame the politicians or do we blame the electorate ?

The high road or the low road, a prosperous and united country or a bankrupt and  divided one, war or peace.

It is really up to you.

I think we all know that our country is in a dire state.

We know about the falling rand, the high petrol prices, the rising food prices, rising water and electricity prices, the crime, unemployment  and the racial division.

We will talk about the racial division later.

My one Facebook friend, a white gentleman, who stays in Germiston, just inboxed  me and he was so desparate because he simply cant afford the cost of living anymore.

He stays  in a 1 bedroom flat.

The landlord charged R550 for water this month and now this week his electricity has just gone up from R2 p/unit to R2.14.

He asked me for advice and I dont know what to tell him.

If you maybe know about a cheaper place for him to rent, you can inbox me on FB.

I want to adress the issue of responsibility for making a difference in this country.

We are seeing ANC national government departments in total disarray – even the department responsible for water – and we all know that we simply cant live without water – has collapsed, totally bankrupt, billions looted from it.

The new water affairs minister, Gugile Nkwinti, has said that although he knows about large scale criminality and extracting of vast amounts of money which went to private pockets, he will not charge anyone and everyone should be given another change.


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The Emfuleni local municipality has collapsed, just one of the many ANC municipalities that also collapsed, and as a result raw sewage is flowing into the Vaal River.

We simply cant go on like this.

We are not a country.

We never were and maybe that is the problem.

When we had the new start in 1994 we were optimistic because we felt that after such a long period of fighting each other we would now be working together and making the country a better place to live in for all of us.

Nelson Mandela followed a deliberate policy of reconcilement.

We all felt we can have a future.

Then the ANC stealing and cadre deployment started.

First slowly, then faster and faster.

They really opened the floodgates with the Arms Deal.

There is ample evidence that a certain Jacob Zuma always wanted to be President.

He is a tremendously evil and sly individual, yet he was able, in the end, to mobilise the largest part of the ANC behind him to be elected President of the ANC in 2007.


A group under Mr Mosiua "Terror" Lekota, a thoroughly decent man who loves his country, all her people and the Constitution of the country,  then left the ANC because he knew that the ANC had just been captured by evil.


Ever since Zuma became the President we have gone downhill, the full story of the industrial scale looting that took place under his watch will hopefully be revealed in time through for instance the Zondo Commission of Enquiry into state capture.

The story of the world through the ages has always been one of good against evil and many people and organizations fought the evil that was the Gupta/Zuma Presidency because truly the Guptas were the real rulers.

The ANC condoned all this, defended Zuma through 8 no confidence motions.


No guesses as to why, they also benefitted.


We had hope under Mandela but after the dark and evil Zuma time in office, everything has changed.

The Zuma presidency changed the country profoundly and created the narrative that South Africa is only for people who are non whites and "they", which is the whites, should be regarded as the enemy and slowly fought until they give up everything they own and leave the country on their own.

Now the ANC says, supported by millions, that this country dont belong to all who live in it anymore.

They say it is now a country just for black people.

We will do as we want because we are the majority.

And we want the land.

And the ANC hold land hearings up and down the country, and everyone says that they want the land.

We have gone bonkers.

Mad as a hatter.

Dumbed down doesnt even begin to describe it...

Land reform is certainly not a new thing and institutions like the Land Claims Court were established so that everyone who has a historic claim to land can get their land back.

Billions have been spent on land reform.

There was a recent report that the government has some 4300 farms in its possession and coupled with ongoing land reform efforts no one can say that there has never been land reform.


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But then the ANC decided at its December conference that they will expropriate land without compensation, clearly because the Zuma faction forced the Cyril faction to do that.

Remember Zuma was still the President of the country and he still had hopes of completing his term and he thought that if he could make himself popular he would be forgiven and will be allowed to serve out his term.


How can we allow a situation where an evil man like Zuma dictate the narrative ?


Remember his whole WMC narrative was designed by his puppetmasters the Guptas, through Bell Pottinger, to serve as a strawman to defelect attention from their own looting.

Yes, we have racial division but that racial division was brought about by evil rent seekers and  foreigners who arrived in South Africa in 1993.

The Zuma Presidency changed the country profoundly and created the narrative that South Africa is only for people who are non whites and that they should be regarded as the enemy and slowly fought until they give up everything they own and leave the country on their own.

A " them " and " us " situation has been created.

A country doesnt work that way !!!

It is a sick situation and I also blame the intellectuals, business community and media who have been unable to change the narrative away from such a  toxic state of affairs.

A situation has been created where a demand and entitlement culture has been nurtured which teaches that nobody has to take personal responsibiliy for their own lives and collective reponsibility for the wellbeing of the country.

You can see it in the small things.

We have become a country of stealing and dishonesty.

A country of no accountability, in no small part due to the capture and disembowelment of the agencies that is responsible for maintaining law and oder – the Hawks, Police and NPA – by Zuma and his Shadow State of looting.

The minister for State Enterprises, Mr Pravin Gordhan, has just said that it will take 6 months – probably longer, if ever – to get the culture of looting at Eskom to stop  and stabilise the organization.

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This is Mr Johann Abrie, DA speaker of Modimolle's impression of the officials the DA inherited when they became the governing party of Modimolle in 2016.

" I have seen the same thing here in our municipality, you stop them from stealing at the outflow, then they just run to the other side of the computer and steal from the inflow. "

Our politicians from the ANC/EFF and like minded parties think it is cool to shoot off their mouths and lash whole groups with their tongues.

The media eats it all up as well because it makes headlines.

Stealing, looting and killing is the order of the day.

We are drifting aimlessly around.

Our lives have become a daily struggle for survival on the mean streets.

We have no future, no hope, no common purpose and no moral compass.

Even some of the pastors who hold themselves out as saviours are crooks making a quick buck from people desperately seeking salvation.

In short we dont have a national ethos and it is the ANC that failed to instill any kind of ethos because they themselves are rotten and avaricious to the core.

Ethos being  : "the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations ".

When I talk about " we " that means the collective, the country.

But we are not even a collective because our politicians talk about " our people " which actually dont refer to all of us.


We are divided, confused and we want the land.

Did you ever ask yourselves if all the millions of you who says " we want the land " can possibly each get a farm ?

There are only about 3400 white commercial farmers so no, not all of you will get a farm.

Deal with it.

I also dont have a farm and I come from a family who never had a farm.

This whole hate campaign directed against minorities have personally made me bitter and I have reached the point where I started to advise people to rather emigrate if they can.

I am afraid that we are moving in the direction of a Zimbabwe or Venezuela situation and it is my responsibility to tell you that.

Where to from here ? War or peace ?

It is absurd that we even have to talk about a war and peace situation.

But it is reality.

It comes down to this.

Our narrative is wrong and it will have to be fixed.

We have to change the narrrative.

We have to hit the reset button.

We have been living the agenda and narrative set by the Gupta/Zuma era for too long.

By narrative I mean a collective understanding of our story and the way we should be heading in.

The story of what will make us a prosperous country or a failed and bankrupt country of misery.

What do you think our narrative should be ?

If you will we be so kind, could you make the time to read the following ?


Keep in mind that I wrote it some months back and you dont have to agree with all that I said, but that is the narrative of how I came to see things.

My heart is not made of stone and I believe we need to help those who cant help themselves but I draw the line when it comes to taking personal responsiblity.

If you keep on voting for criminals, you are the problem because the ANC is a party of stealing.

They cant change, but you have the power to change who governs the country.

And only you !!!