As the EFF turns 5 years old , it is clear the EFF is back in the ANC , albeit as the radical and populist vanguard .

Much will still be written about Julius Malema but the central theme will always be the absolute destructive and devastating role he played in South African politics .

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To briefly sum up events :

  • Julius Malema is somebody who is a product of the ANC, an unguided missile employed by the ANC to radicalise the youth .
  • As a product of the ANC, he naturally saw himself entitled to some serious self enrichment , the ANC way . The feeding trough was the place to be and Malema was very much taking part in the looting .
  • Malema as head of the ANCYL was very influential and he could help to influence which ANC faction prevails .
  • He was a useful tool and Malema knew it . He was so influential, he could decide who get tenders and who not .
  • The then Public Protector Thuli Madonsela made devastating findings against Malema  with regards Limpopo tenders and Malema's benefitting through it via his Ratanang Trust .


Madonsela report on Malema manufactured money hits hard and deep

Malema famously lived in luxury and drove luxury cars, wearing Rolex watches .

He lived the good life , with plenty of parties .

Malema Bling

It all came crashing down when Malema started to fall out of favour with the powers that be in the ANC – Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa .

It is well known that Malema was a driving force behind the elevation of Jacob Zuma as the ANC leader and that Malema was at the forefront of campaigning for the 783 counts of corruption against Zuma to be withdrawn by the National Prosecuting Authority [ NPA ]  so that Zuma could become the ANC leader .

Malema famously said that he would die for Zuma .

Of course that was when Malema saw Zuma as his ticket to  one day taking over the ANC himself .

Malema started to unravel when he started to embarrass the ANC with his firebrand populism and radicalism .

That was his undoing because he was moving faster than the ANC wanted him to move .

At that stage the ANC had the frogs [the white minority ] nicely boiling in the pot , at  a nice steady temperature and Malema's communist populism would make the frogs jump out too soon .

Zuma had the whole state capture thing going .

Malema was upsetting what was  a good place to be for both Zuma and the ANC alike .

The unguided missile was now threatening the image of the ANC .

After Malema was booted out of the ANC in April 2012, he was down and out , returning to his home province of Limpopo to lick his wounds .

At that point he was a defeated man .

Then in August 2012 something happened that would resurrect Malema's career .

That something was "Marikana" .

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Of course the name of the ANC would become so tarnished later that they are now more than ready to jump back in the same bed with the same Malema .

The  ANC would become so weakened that they would take over EFF policy in its entirety .

They would completely drop the facade of being multi racial and leave only the black nationalist core for the world to see .

SARS started to look into Malema's tax affairs years back when Malema started to fall out of favour and there was certainly much to discover .

Malema's tax affairs were always shrouded in secrecy but according to TimesLive, Sars and Malema reached an out-of-court settlement in May 2014, which saw Malema's tax bill lowered from R18-million to R7.2-million.

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It always dumbfounded people how Malema could pay the taxman that sort of money with his salary as a MP and his well known extravagant lifestyle .

That matter would be cleared up this year as I will shortly discuss .

Turns out that Malema – the white people basher – had a secret funder, one Adriano Mazotti, an Italian South African tobacco smuggler .

It seems not only was secret deals made with Malema regarding his tax affairs but that the NPA decided to drop a criminal fraud and racketeering case against Malema because of his growing influence .

Malema was arrested in 2012 but the case dropped in 2015 because a co-accused did not show up .

It was always unclear how the State , with all its resources , could not ensure the presence of an accused in court .

In the end Malema was not aquitted !

The Polokwane High Court struck the case from the roll, which means that the NPA can re-enroll the case at any time .

The fact that the NPA did not do it in 3 years just confirm the fact that the NPA was instructed from above to "let the case just disappear" .

The fact that the NPA was always used as a tool by the ANC to protect its own cadres just gives credence to the fact that in the end Malema was not prosecuted out of political considerations .

Afriforum said this year that they will privately prosecute in that case if the NPA continues to refuse to do its job .

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Not so incredibly, the EFF started to back state capture this year after Pres Cyril Ramaphosa appointed a commission of enquiry into Zuma's right hand man, the suspended head of SARS Tom Moyane, a state capture kingpin .

Adv Dali Mpofu , the EFF national chairman, represents Moyane before the commission of enquiry .

The reason, it turned out, is money .

Jacques Pauw, writer of The President's Keepers, tweeted this out earlier this year :

"Why is Dali Mpofu committing hara-kiri in defending Tom Moyane? Is it because they have a common friend: tobacco-man Adriano Mazzotti. Under Moyane, Mazzotti's R600m tax bill disappeared. He also paid EFF registration fee in 2014 and gave Malema a loan to help pay his SARS bill. "

Mpofu demanded an apology , an apology Pauw refused to make .

Pauw defended his refusal to apologise in this open letter to Mpofu .

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Malema also recently came out swinging against "clean-up man" Pravin Gordhan , attacking Gordhan in a letter addressed to the Boards of SOE's like Transnet and Eskom .

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I quote from above article  :

The EFF has Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan in the cross hairs, targeting him in a letter to the boards of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) for an alleged "reign of terror" at the institutions.

This is the latest accusation against Gordhan by the party, which has previously attacked him publicly and accused him of being the de facto president and doing as he pleases.

Now the EFF has stepped into the battle against Gordhan within state institutions, siding with his opponents in matters relating to the South African Revenue Service and Transnet. as well as at Transnet.

The party seems to have taken on the role once championed by the ANC faction linked to former president Jacob Zuma. It started by attacking officials in the Treasury and also targeted Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, writing to him to ask for answers about evidence of wrongdoing it claims it has against the minister. And once again, the EFF has focused its attention on Gordhan. In the letter, EFF general secretary Godrich Gardee accused Gordhan of a "reign of terror" all "under the guise of cleaning up and fighting state capture.

The EFF  and Malema have come full  circle –  from being at the forefront of looting to pretending that it is against corruption to openly defending corrupt figures in the Shadow State – Zuma's network of people who executed his agenda of looting .

Cyril Ramaphosa became leader of the ANC by the thinnest of margins last December, strucking a deal at the last moment with a monumentally corrupt  provincial crime don – the ex Mpumalanga premier David Mabuza – who delivered the votes for Ramaphosa to become the ANC leader and President .

Mabuza is a wily player with his eyes firmly set on becoming ANC leader .

It is not inconceivable that Malema now aims to join up with Mabuza to promote their own style of looting .

Take into account that the EFF has stated that their days in opposition are over now .

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Taking into consideartion that the EFF and the ANC policy positions are now copy and paste jobs from each other, the EFF can only have the ANC in mind as government partners with an eventual return of Malema and the EFF to the ANC fold, holding powerful positions .

That is their plan!

But we the people can stop them at the elections.

The question is "will we" ?

For the future of the children of this country I hope we do !

The criminals of the EFF and the ANC will carry on destroying this country, OUR COUNTRY, until there is only a barren wasteland with pockets of regime opulence.