Exclusive : A Zupta linked cop investigating Jacques Pauw.

Exclusive : A Zupta linked cop investigating Jacques Pauw.

Remarkable links have now come to light linking the man reported to be investigating Jacques Pauw directly to the man exposed by Jacques in his book The President's Keepers, well, as a President's keeper, paying a certain man on his security company's books a cool R1 million per month for over a year. That certain " security guard " turned out to be one Jacob Zuma783. He was also paid R1 million per month, for the first 4 months of the Zuma783 presidency.

The man paying his " security guard " so handsomely was Durban businessman Roy Moodley, owner of Royal Security.

It has been reported in the media that a certain colonel Reuben Govender , cluster detective co-ordinator for the Durban North SAPS region , has sent messages to Jacques Pauw and another investigative reporter, Pieter - Louis Myburgh , ordering them to meet with him at his Durban North office or a place near Oliver Tambo International Airport, ostensibly about charges and dockets opened against Jacques and Pieter-Louis with regards revelations of wholesale corruption at places like the State Security Agency in books published by the investigative reporters.

Now for the remarkable links between colonel Reuben Govender and the Zupta cabal.

In newspaper links dating back to 2012, links at the bottom , it was reported how a Durban businessman was arrested by a certain policeman acting as a debt collector for none other than Roy Moodley. That policeman was colonel Reuben Govender.

You can read the details yourself in the links, but to make a long story short, a Durban businessman, Vinesh Juglal, concluded a business agreement with Roy Moodley and his business partner, Varish Ganpath , in 2011, whereby Roy Moodley and his partner provided R12 million to him to finance a deal involving the Durban Computer College.

On March 2, 2012, Juglal was summoned to a meeting by Moodley's business partner, Ganpath, where he was told the dispute would be discussed. At the meeting colonel Govender was also present and he told Juglal that he would be arrested for not returning the R12 million, despite the fact that the matter was a civil one and not a criminal one.

Colonel Govender arrested Juglal at the meeting and denied him bail. Juglal had to apply for bail in the High Court. Juglal made representations to the NPA and got a response from the NPA that the matter is under investigation. Juglal informed Govender about this NPA correspondence. Despite this, Govender again arrested Juglal on June 21, 2012 and again denied him bail and again Juglal had to apply for bail in the High Court . The case was later withdrawn by the NPA as having no substance and subsequently Juglal sued the minister for Police for damages and cost incurred.

Now for more shocking links with the Zupta cabal .

Reuben Govender was promoted to the rank of colonel a month ago by General Lucas Ngobeni. Ngobeni runs the Phoenix cluster, under which Durban North resorts.

Lucas Ngobeni is the husband of General Mmamonnye Ngobeni, suspended head of the Police in KZN , and a staunch Zupta cabal member.

Mmamonnye Ngobeni once ordered General Johan Booysen to drop investigations into a Durban businessman Thoshan Panday, a man who became a multi millionair through tenders with the SAPS in KZN.

Mmamonnye Ngobeni was suspended after receiving a R 30 000 donation for a birthday bash for her husband Lucas Ngobeni and it was reported on in the media.

I have it on good authority that Roy Moodley was given SAPS tenders when Mmamonye Ngobeni was still SAPS head in KZN.

I have this on SOLID authority.

What is clear is that the Zuma783 cabal in the KZN Police and NPA has been activated to act against Jacques Pauw and Pieter-Louis Myburgh. These gents should be made aware of this.

Update : Shanaaz Ally, who claimed in evidence that she had been arrested and detained for five days at Moodley’s behest after she told his wife he was allegedly having an affair, has won a civil case against the arresting officers [ News24, 2017-12-11 ].The Moodley referred to is also Roy Moodley.

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