There seems to be such a demand for the article written by Flip Buys of the Solidarity Union to be translated that myself and Ruth Rabin have decided to oblige.

I hope that our translation does justice to the words penned down by this wise man, who to me represents a kind of "Boere adel" - Afrikaner intellectual.

Flip is a man of vision under whose leadership the Solidarity movement [Solidarity on Wikipedie] [Solidarity Website] began, from a humble beginning in the old "Mynwerkers Unie" or "Mine Workers Union".

Flip Buys :

Recently I have not been posting to FaceBook as often as I normally have been.

People do not have the time to read and I do not have the time to write!

This weekend my flight was delayed, so here are a few thoughts while I sit and wait.

The sick plans:

The most astounding declaration this week came from Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, who is making everyone ill with his plans to nationalise the country's health care system.

Apparently he is also unaware of where the funding for this project

will be coming from and declares that the Minister of Finance

must find the money!

The facts are simple:

  1. The State does not have the capacity to administer such a system, nor do they have money for such a system.

  2. The USA spends 15% of its huge budget on health care, and this is still not enough.

  3. South Africa has an (ANC) economics problem, not a medical problem.

Our threat is no longer approaching and encroaching socialism, socialistic policies are now being realised at an unabated pace.

From what I understand Dr. Aaron is a good person with good intentions.

But the Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman has said that "policies are not judged by their intentions but by their outcome".

Socialism cannot work, period!

My prediction:

These plans will suffer an early death after the elections and the ANC supporters will be disappointed once again at continued broken mega-promises.

Farms and property.

Thousands of people have shared the shocking pictures of a destroyed "black empowerment" [BEE] farm which was once a showcase farm.


Read : Sunningdale farm in Limpopo


Solidarity has won the case of a farm manager who was dismissed after which the farm became bankrupt.

We have started the process of attaching the farm and to sell it so that we can recover the Farm Manager's money and the loan that he extended to the owners.

The lesson:

There is a big difference between a farm and a piece of land.

Land can probably be 'redivided' but not a farm.

Sometimes one wants to join in with Karl Popper and shout: "hoe keer ons ons heersers om ons almal te vernietig!" (How do we prevent our masters from destroying everyone!)

Look at the Scoreboard:

  1. In the real world, the quality of governance is expressed in economic performance figures and not in the number of votes received at an election.

  2. The -2.2% economic shrinkage of the first quarter, and the -4.9% budgetary shortfall are a far more important indicator of the ANC's ability to govern than opinion polls.

  3. The election of a President is not enough to bolster our recovery, South Africa needs a new policy and a new functional government.

The only plans that the current government is making

is to spend more money.

This is why Thatcher (former Prime Minister of Britian) said that "the problem with Socialism is that the other person's money eventually dries up."

But if the ANC will not change their policy, the reality of this

will eventually force them to change direction.


An international journalist asked me what our greatest failing was since 1994.

My answer: The government's view that any person can do any work.

The solution: Bring back merit as the yardstick for appointments.

This country cannot operate if people cannot perform as they are required to.

Eventually the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will force privatisations after economic collapse in South Africa and that will bring merit back if the ANC will not do it.


While we are on about faults and failures …

I wonder when the leftists will begin to realise that Transformation – their big National Project – is going to fail?

After approx. 20 years the NP of old realised their political objective of separate development (physical land separation) clashed with the economic reality of urbanisation (as a result of their labour policy).

They wanted workers, but got people instead.

The ANC now have people (in high political positions), but no 'workers'.

Where the NP could not escape the consequences of their labour policy, the ANC cannot escape the consequences of their race-based labour policy, either.

Things will not work if the workers in leadership positions of state departments and public enterprise cannot or will not work.

One wonders when the business community who exercise

the unpractical policies of this government, will start

to refrain from supporting a failed system

as they did some 20 years ago with our previous dispensation.


The ANC complain about economic inequality, continually, but fail dismally when it comes to political equality.

They differ as follows:

Economic inequality is largely determined by unequal production, whereas demographics determine political inequality.

The Honourable Lesufi's unjust power over prestigious Afrikaans schools (for example) arise from his political power, and most certainly not from his knowledge or learned application.

The African-American economist, Thomas Sowell, has said that the leftist's greatest error is that they do not discern between 'privilege' and 'performance'.

The political elite enrich themselves in the name of the poor masses.

This is why George Orwell has said that the Leftists are not driven by their love for the poor in the first instance, but because of their hate for the "rich".

Spare wheel:

This country's electrical power, of late, has largely been kept going by Solidarity!

They are treated as a spare wheel.

It is only taken out in a crisis, to be thrown back into the car boot until the next crisis.

Until the spare wheel "tires" of the abuse …

Marx and the ANC:

The 'new dawn' policy of Mr. Ramaphosa is being smudged daily by the smoke of burning "protest" action.

Read: The double standards of Political Correctness

ANC supporters are becoming angrier daily with the ANC's weak governance.

To his credit he has repeatedly admitted that on occasion there has been weak management.

But I wonder if the ANC-leftists remember their hero – Karl Marx's prediction?

He said that a systems' collapse was as a result of their 'internal contradictions'.

My take:

If you promise your electorate that you will do everything for them, but then appoint unqualified people, things fall apart and everyone will be angry with you.

Just such a pity that Marx's "little mistake" was that he thought the Free Market would fail and not his own socialism.

This is probably why the comrades of the ANC dont believe

their "Guru" Marx's opinion is also applicable to them.



Of late there is an almost daily occurrence of the word 'racism' being shouted, mostly by those who are great racists themselves.

As a Christian, I hold racism as a principled wrong, period.

But there is a great danger in all this 'noise over race'- as it should never achieve a totalitarian character where all that is not forbidden is compulsory.

Where people are no longer aware of what they may say or do, where double standards exist, where it is more dangerous "who" said something as "what" someone else said.

At times it feels as though it is no longer about what people say but rather about what people think.

You can read George Orwell's '1984' to appreciate the ending of that nightmare.

Lastly, I often deliberate over Langenhoven's question:

"Why is my politics always racist, and your racism always political?"

Because, if a political party is in power for demographic

reasons [tyranny of the majority] , it is easy to disguise

their racism as a democracy.

New name:

While here at our Cape Airport, I sit and think of the debate around the renaming of this Airport.

My first choice is that for practical reasons – such as international tourism together with the economic support, the airport name remain as it is.

But if it has to change, it is my opinion that the decision should be left to the coloured community.


It appears as though race targets in everything is designed to impose conformity and domination in the name of advancing diversity.

Because, if everything must reflect the demographics with race formulas, then everything must eventually look the same under black African-rule, not so?

Was this the hidden agenda, or the unintended consequence ?

The Sheriff waits:

[Editorial Note: In South Africa the "Sheriff" is a court appointed person who seizes property and valuables on behalf of the court in compliance with specific court orders based on legitimate trial outcomes.]

Solidarity has already won two cases with costs against Brian Molefe and Hlaudi Motseneng, as part of our campaign against theft and plunder.

Molefe and "the Hlaudi" are attempting to postpone the inevitable by continually protesting and appealing.

In this manner they continue to raise their costs.

But the Sheriff is waiting patiently at the end of this road for their luxury cars as well as the keys to their fancy houses.

They have in fact dug their own holes and should they continue to dig themselves even deeper, we will not allow their offences to be buried!

Simultaneously, our legal team await the investigation into Marcus Jooste.

His time to account will come too.

Groot Trek: [Great Trek or Great Movement Away]

South Africa recently learnt the shocking news that only 7% of municipalities are in a good working order.

For the inhabitants of the delinquent municipalities this was not news however, as this merely confirmed what they experience every day.

Most towns and villages have reached a status of irreversible disrepair.

This is the bad news.

However, there is one silver lining...

The "stick" of dilapidation and the "carrot" of improved services in the greater metropolitan areas and towns all point toward a new Afrikaans ‘Groot Trek'.

These concentrations can make larger places more sustainable and establish ‘anchor towns' from where dilapidated smaller towns can then be serviced.

Boere with plans:

The saying "'n Boer maak ‘n plan" [A Farmer makes a plan] has much more substance to it that what most people think.

To me, it remains the best summary of our Afrikaner age old survival recipe in Africa.

Our predecessors did not say that the State would provide for the Boer or that Australia would make plans for us but entrenched a culture of self-reliance, of accepting responsibility and exercising original thought.

For the large part of our survival we have NOT depended on the State.

This one aspect is what gives me courage for our future.

We should not be discouraged by a weak state or one that governs against us.

We have been there and we are still here.

We will make plans to get out of this mess, again!!!


Things do not go well there at times, but in the USA the politics looks more like a civil war.

I am struggling to understand what is actually happening there because both side of the divide draw the reality askew to such a degree that people are not aware of what is right or wrong.

President Trump only makes friends or enemies.

For one side he can do no wrong and for the other he can do no right.

The USA's economy has taken off like a rocket and so far the USA is less engaged in war that its predecessors, however Trump's international successes are muted by his own "loud" tweets and his internal enemies deafening screams.

It appears as though the USA is fighting with its friends

and courting its enemies.

I resolve to wait and watch...


It appears as though post-war Europe is starting to unravel, although the contours of the 'new' Europe are not quite so clear to me as yet.

Until recently, it has appeared to me as though the Iron Curtain once again seems to run between the old East and West Europe, and largely on the lines of the old borders of the ancient East and West Romanian Kingdom.

However issues such as mass migration, and the ‘EUSSR-domination" are creating rumblings with states such as Austria, The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy and of late Germany joining this choir.

Britain is heading to the sidelines while the USA government are also sounding their trumpets.

My view is that the old order in Europe will come to an end when Mrs. Merkel leaves office.

Identity as a rudder will replace ideology.

In actual fact the European Union is a post '45 and Cold War remnant.

The West's historical rise sprouts out of Europe's competitive yet cooperative States.

Besides, there is no reason to fear another European World War.


The erstwhile Judge, Albie Sachs of the Constitutional Court expressed in one of his judgements which I read a while back, encapsulating the Afrikaner stance with regard to the demi-god which is "Transformation".

"Transformation is not as normal as 'mothers milk and milk tart', even though many may believe it."

In the words of Judge Sachs are expressed the distrusts held by the Afrikaner:

A genuinely-held, subjective fear that democratic transformation

will lead to the downgrading, suppression and ultimate destruction

of the Afrikaans language and the marginalisation and ultimate

disintegration of the Afrikaans-speaking community

as a vital group in South African society".

There you have it!

Greetings until I next sit and wait.

Flip Buys.