Facebook-Terminally hacked or no clue or BOTH

Facebook-Terminally hacked or no clue or BOTH


My Facebook account has gotten hacked!

AGAIN !!!!

So lets start at the beginning shall we.

About 8 years ago I opened an account on Facebook.

A couple of months ago that account got hacked.

All the 'help' pages on Facebook were about as much help as a soggy and used piece of toilet paper - NOTHING HELPED !

And to make matters worse, no-one can get in touch with anyone at Facebook - a human that is !!

All that you get is the useless piece of computer coding that they refer to as their "Artificial Intelligence" system - that "thing" is definitely not "intelligent" !

So after about 2 weeks I deleted all my "Friends" and asked Facebook to delete the account.

So far So good - at least my account was not going to compromise all my Friend's accounts.

After about 2 weeks I opened another account, using a different email address but the same name - after all, I'm not trying to hide who I am, I just want an account that has not been hacked and seeing that Facebook cares so much about their users and sees fit to let this sort of thing go unresolved on their platform, this was my only option.

Here I need to stress that the first account had been deleted BEFORE I created the second account!

And less than a week later my second account had been hacked!

By now I had realized that trying to get Facebook to do anything about the situation was a fools errand and I do not consider myself a "fool".

So I deleted all my friends again and requested Facebook to delete the second account.

After about 2 weeks I created a third profile using yet another email address and this time used my second name initial as part of my name.

Once again I stress that this (the 3rd) account was the only ACTIVE account that I had as both the previous 2 accounts had (according to Facebook) been deleted.

My SelfieAll went sort of OK for a while ~ and then in the last week of November 2017 I got a message that I had to confirm my "reality" or something and that I needed to upload a recent photo of myself.

This I did ~ MULTIPLE TIMES - this is one of the images!

This is another with their "reason" for not accepting the uploaded image.

Image Too small???

Then I started getting messages when I tried to log in that my password was incorrect and there was an option to Reset Your Password - so I did and got this email.

Email with NEW code

(note what the Thunderbird email client thinks about emails from Facebook...)

So I used the code but was still unable to log in.

Suddenly I got this email - addressed to the email address of the second account which was supposed to have been deleted... and once again, Thunderbird's spam filter did not think much about the Facebook email address !

Email to Deleted account ?


This account was supposed to have been deleted!!!!

Anyway, I tried a few more times to get my password reset ~ without success of course !

After about the fifth attempt at logging in I got this wonderful revelation

Account Disabled? WTF???

OK - this must obviously be an error on their part - Every time I created a Facebook account it was AFTER I HAD DELETED THE PREVIOUS HACKED ACCOUNT !!!

So I clicked on the link as indicated by the blue arrow above and came to this page.

Why was my account disabled

So I clicked on the link I have indicated with a red arrow because as far as I was concerned, I have done nothing wrong, I only ever had one active account at a time and if Facebook had allowed one of my hacked accounts to be re-activated AFTER I had requested that it be deleted then that was an error on the part of Facebook, not so?

Eventually I got to this page where I uploaded the previous horrible "selfie" AND a photo of my South African ID Book along with my Drivers License (which is a photo ID) AND my Blood Transfusion Services Donor card (just in case they wanted it too).

And then I submitted the form.


Now my account is NOT DISABLED

NOW Facebook is telling me that the email address of my third (and now DISABLED account) IS NOT DISABLED !!!.


How can something "BE" yet "NOT BE" at the same time?

This is in reality actually something that is NOT SURPRISING to come across when dealing with Facebook.

As a web developer you often find that certain code (called an API) is no longer supported and in fact the code that works is a full 2 versions later YET all the instructions and help pages that the NEW code page refers you to ARE FOR THE CODE NO LONGER SUPPORTED !

When you refresh your Facebook page you get posts that are sometimes many hours if not days old.

Refresh it again and you get posts that are minutes and hours old.

Do it once more and you are back to the historical posts!

Something similar happens with "Notifications" ~ you mark a Notification as having been read yet when you refresh the Notifications section there they are, displayed as NOT having been read.

Now lets talk about the the other big elephant in the room ~ the arbitrary and uneven way that the "RULES" are applied !

I know of people who have been put in "Facebook Jail" for calling other people "Idiots" and the like.

YET "some" people are allowed (even after multiple complaints have been submitted) to promote blatant racism and in many cases, even tell their friends and followers to commit murder.

The phrase "KILL THE FARMERS, KILL THE BOERS" is just one of these phrases and I think that allowing such hate speech and criminal instructions are appalling and abominable !

So what can one person do against the might of the Facebook empire?

In reality, not much - but I have never been one to simply give up - maybe it is a personality failing, I don't know and in reality I don't care.

But what I do know is THIS