Hunger Strike going on - in Cape Town

Hunger Strike going on - in Cape Town

Ramaphosa must "GET OFF HIS THRONE" and meet with King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III was the headline in a story that caught my eye in "Die Burger" today.

Although there were some reports, it may not be widely known that on Monday 16th July the Parliament in Cape Town was served with an eviction notice to vacate the property by Friday.

The Sovereign State of Good Hope (SSGH) also symbolically took down the South African flag and hoisted their own flag in Cape Town at 11am on that day.

As normal, the ANC flatly ignored what happened when things are embarrasing for them.

And now 4 people, Andre Benn, Johannes Afrika, Leonard Carelse and Jannie Niewat are camped outside the entrance to Parliament in Cape Town and are on a hunger strike.

The four said in a statement that President Ramaphosa must get off his "little throne" and meet with the traditional hereditary tribal leader of the Khoi-San Nation, Gaob (which loosely translates to King in English) Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III.

Parliament in Cape Town was served with an eviction notice on the 16th to vacate the property by Friday.

In the eviction notice given to Cabinet, and addressed to the president, the king wrote:

"This is to officially inform you of the decision of the King and the Khoi-San people to secede from South Africa."

First the Zulu King Goodwill was making noises about secession and now the Khoi-San King has actually done it?

So what is this all about?

On Africa Day this year, EFF leader Julius Malema stated that he supports the idea that the Khoi-San are the "original South Africans".

He said the Khoi and San people were the original inhabitants in South Africa and that no one else was from South Africa.

"We came from the north and the Khoi and the San people were in southern Africa. The Khoi and the San welcomed us here and we settled here." Malema said.

Unfortunately Malema is well known for saying one thing today and the exact opposit tomorrow...

A few months ago the "Khoi-San 4" staged a hunger strike at the Union Building in Pretoria and now another 4 are doing the same in Cape town.

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So what can we make of this rather interesting situation?

Well, for one thing the Khoi-San King has every claim and right to do what he is doing.

  • The South African Constitution makes allowance for this !!!

  • The United Nations and International Law makes allowance for this !!!

  • When the Baltic states were granted their independence from the former Soviet Union it was done using these principles !!!

The new state's territory apparently covers most of the former Cape Province and extends to the northern border of the Cape, ending at the Fish River on the eastern frontier.

The first question is "Will The Sovereign State of Good Hope (SSGH)  be able to be a self-sufficient country?"

There are iron ore mines at Kolomela (formally Sishen) near Postmasburg, Diamond mines along the Orange River, most of the wheat is grown in the Malmsbury area, sheep farming all over the Karoo, cattle too. the tourism income generated by the Cape is very good, fisheries on the West Coast, the list goes on and on...

So would I be in favor of this "Sovereign State of Good Hope" turn of events?

To be honest, I personally think that it might work!!!

However, as with all things political, I will wait and see - just about ANYTHING will be better than the last 20 plus years of being plundered by the ANC "cadres".