What the hell is going on...

What the hell is going on...

I knew that this whole "Train Arson" thing was serious but I honestly did not know exactly how serious until I read an article by Soyiso Maliti today (Link at bottom)

After pondering over it a bit I came to the realization that everyone knows THAT it is happening but NO-ONE KNOWS WHY !!!

This whole "Train Burning" phenomina only really started happening a few years ago.

Sure, there have been incidences over the last 30 or 40 years BUT NOT EVERY MONTH !!!


Now I am not saying that anything that follows in this article is "cast in stone fact", I am simply trying to figure out what the answer could possibly be

So what happened in the last 5 years or so that could have been the "trigger"?

Well, the DA took over Cape Town.

So maybe it is one of the opposition parties trying to get the voting population angry with the DA prior to the next election.

Stranger things have been known to happen when you are talking about the ANC, the EFF and their buddies in BLF.

Commuters have died in some of these incidents!!!

And it is just a matter of time before one of the brave firefighters loose their lives or gets horribly injured.

People have lost their jobs and livlihoods because they were not at work!!!

People are getting pissed off because no-one, neither the DA nor the ANC seem to be doing anything about it...

Come on National Police Minister Bheki Cele - is it not time for you to get your thumb out of your butt and get some arrests?

I do not know of a single person that has been arrested and charged for these arson attacks, never mind for the murders of those who have died in the blazing train carriages.

Now why is that?

Is the ANC or someone they are protecting behind these attacks in some way or another?

But maybe I am looking in the wrong direction...

The whole Taxi Industry in the Cape has ALWAYS been particularly volatile.

Almost every week you hear about yet another shoot out at some or other taxi rank.

Maybe someone either directly in the industry or with a hidden vested interest in seeing the number of commuters that use taxis go up.

Lets face it, burning out the opposition will leave every commuter reliant on the taxi industry and at their mercy as far as fares go.

And the more taxi commuters there are, the less taxi owners and drivers will feel the need to shoot each other up.

But maybe it is not them either...

Now this is just speculation on my part but until someone is caught, who knows what the story behind the arson is.

Maybe it is some lunatic individual who gets their thrills setting fire to specifically trains.

Maybe it is someone standing in the sidelines and shadows who has a bid to supply new carriages and whoever they are are simply making sure that the existing carriage numbers are dwindling fast.

We all know how lucrative the "tender" business is - someone even ordered trains that are too big for the South African Rail System - AND HAS NEVER BEEN BROUGHT TO ANSWER FOR THE WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY.

All nicely swept under the carpet thank you very much...

And there are probably a whole bunch of other possible answers.

So how about it Minister Cele, when are you going to kick asses in your department, get them OFF thier asses and get them to actually do some work for a change?

After all, you are the man at the top and the buck stops with you.

Written after reading THIS article.