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Created onSaturday 11th November 2017 @ 02:58 PM

This Face-book page/group/whatever has of this date 3,900 "followers".
However the "pinned" post is more than a little concerning!
By "Osafele Fredrick" and dated "30 September" it says the following:
"If you have not starting making money with your facebook account, just drop your whatsapp number or you add me on +2348034982871. I will show you how will be smiling to the bank"
This smells like some sort of scam or "419" type setup (remembering that the phone code "234" is that of Nigeria, the capital of the "419" scams)
Anyone reading this must please remember that there is NO guaranteed way of making money on the Internet for the "normal" person - Organizations such as Face-book, Google, Yahoo and AdSense are wide awake and keep changing the "goal posts" to prevent "A Guaranteed Method" from ever working in the long term.
Although this claim has not been investigated fully, it would appear that the user will be charged exorbitant fees for "services" that in fact will probably turn out to be useless in the long run.
The only way to be successful on the Internet is to provide good and reliable content regularly and if the content meets the approval of the people out there you will be a success but even that success does not necessarily meant that you will "make money"!

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