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Gossip Mill Mzansi (Facebook)
and gossipmillsa.com

Created onSaturday 11th November 2017 @ 04:06 PM

Lets start with the website!
Yet another "freeware" WordPress site and this one does not even put any sort of date or time on any of their stories.
You could be reading todays story or one from 10 years ago - there is no way of knowing!
Although better than some this site is yet another site that is there for advertising revenue only and it shows.
The articles are VERY short, NONE of the claims are substantiated and there are numerous reports that the "invent" news to get headlines that draw visitors to their site.
And the truth put forward in their articles is often of a dubious nature - HERE IS ONE about a warning issued by the SAPS (on a very much similar site!).

As to Gossip Mill Mzansi on Facebook, the sole purpose is to drive traffic to the website and all its adverts.

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