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Created onSaturday 11th November 2017 @ 12:27 PM

"Live Monitor" is a site that will use just about any trick in the book including publishing unproven or just plain untrue stories to drive their advertisement based revenue earnings up (which seem to be no longer active - one has to wonder why...).
This is a cheaply put together site using WordPress that uses "ClickBait" headlines to lure the public onto their site to read what is often content of "dubious value".
As of this date (11th November 2017) the "latest" story was called "Papa Penny to reveal DNA results proving Cassper Nyovest is his son" and dated February 18, 2017 by Karen van Vreden.
It would seem that the site has not been maintained for a long time - perhaps because of the dubious nature of the content and the fact that people have found out what they are up to and no longer bother visiting the site.

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