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Created onSaturday 11th November 2017 @ 03:49 PM

This is REALLY one of those "made to earn advertising revenue" type sites!
You need to scroll down almost 2 screens before you see even the slightest hint of actual content.
They also put a time on every post BUT NO DATE - the story that you are reading might be from today or a year ago - who knows!
Much of the content seems to be simple re-writes (with bad spelling - not what you would expect from proficient journalists) of articles found on other sites - especially overseas ones with the headlines suitably adjusted to act as Click Bait.
And maybe someone should learn that a person's surname IS ALWAYS CAPITALIZED!!!
Well, maybe not "always" but the surname "Furguson" should be (if it should not be "Ferguson") - and in the same sentence it is spelled "furgusin".
Seriously, if this is the type of attention to detain that is present on this site then I will stick to RT.

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