Friends in High Places are moving (part 1)

Friends in High Places are moving (part 1)

The fight to wrestle South Africa out of the clutches of those that have CAPTURED the country has friends in high places.

There have been media reports on this subject but I have not personally seen any actual proof that what was reported is in fact the truth.

However UnCapturedSA has come into possession of a copy of a document which on face value confirms that all these reports were based in truth.

While we have not been able to find a copy of the actual document anywhere else (although it may exist) we believe that this is the first time the actual document is being published.

The document is from "The Right Honorable Lord Hain of Neath, House of Lords, London"

This is the same Peter Hain that gave the apartheid regime so much trouble "back in the day" when he was an anti-apartheid activist and it seems like he is (fortunately for us UnCaptured South Africans) "at it again"!

Now he is a member of "The House of Lords" - a position bestowed on him by the Queen.

This time going after South Africa's corrupt and captured politicians and political leaders and the criminals that have effectively "CAPTURED SOUTH AFRICA." and literally stolen South Africa dry financially.

The document is addressed to "Right Honorable Philip Hammond MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury".

The position of Chancellor of the Exchequer is the same as our "minister of Finance" in most other countries.

Philip Hammond has the ear of the British Government and Queen Elizabeth of England and the heads of finance of the EU countries as well as almost all other countries around the world.

When the Right Honorable Philip Hammond says something people sit up and pay attention.

On the following pages you can read the text of the document page and see a small image of the document page and should you wish you can click on the image to see the actual page.

Continued to Part 2