Friends in High Places are moving (part 2)

Friends in High Places are moving (part 2)

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The Right Honorable Lord Hain of Neath

House of Lords, London

Right Honorable Philip Hammond MP

Chancellor of the Exchequer

HM Treasury

1 Horse Guards Road


Dear Philip

25 September 2017

Financial crimes allegedly committed in South Africa. UAE and Honq Kong through UK headquartered financial institutions

Having recently visited South Africa, it is clear the country is gripped by a political, economic and social crisis, precipitated by a vast criminal network facilitated by an Indian-South African family, the Guptas (see identifier details below) and the Presidential family, the Zumas.

Such is the extent of this criminal network that the South African state is indisputably regarded as having been "captured", with corruption and cronyism plundering taxpayer resources on an industrial scale.

As a consequence, economic growth has plummeted, international investor confidence is rock bottom and state institutions have been hollowed out in this great country, totally betraying Nelson Mandela's legacy and the values for which so many of us fought in the anti-apartheid struggle.

However it became clear to me during my visit that this Gupta/Zuma criminal network is not localized to South Africa — indeed it has been enabled by a transnational money-laundering network that these individuals have established, including bank accounts at global financial institutions. For example, investigative journalists have broken this story, which details how several Standard Chartered US dollar

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