Friends in High Places are moving (part 5)

Friends in High Places are moving (part 5)

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Can you also please get in touch immediately with the authorities responsible for proper financial regulation in Dubai and Hong Kong to make inquiries?

And similarly with the President of the European Commission to whom I am writing in parallel because I believe Banks coming under European Union jurisdiction will certainly be involved in this money laundering as well.

I ask that these investigations proceed forthwith and would be grateful if you could keep me regularly updated on your decisions and actions in regard to each of the above individuals and entities, I assume you will be in touch with the CEOs Of HSBC and Standard Chartered, though it may well be that other UK based financial institutions are also involved.

Could you please immediately refer this letter to the Serious Fraud Office for investigation and the Financial Conduct Authority too?

I stand ready to meet with you and with Treasury officials should you so desire.

Yours sincerely

Signed Peter Hain

25 September 2017

Final thoughts:

Peter Hain was a fierce Anti-Apartheid activist back in the day.

He was very successful and played a big part in bringing South Africa out of the rule by the Apartheid regime.

Now he is a member of the House of Lords and as such has access to arguably one of the most powerful men in government finance world wide.

Peter Hain is using his position and contacts to get the entire world aware of the fact that South Africa is a "Captured State", who has benefited financially and is pushing for both governments and financial institutions world wide to look into this situation.

Now where this will eventually go is anyone's guess BUT I am of the opinion that Lord Hain will carry this mission out to the end.

And who knows where that will lead and how much of their ill gotten gains those that captured South Africa may eventually be returned to the coffers of South Africa.

I invite you to join me in wishing Peter Hain the very best of luck in this mission.