Genl Johan Booysen : This is how the NPA got captured

Genl Johan Booysen : This is how the NPA got captured

Genl Johan Booysen writes exclusively for us and reflects on how himself and others were persecuted by Zuma's sycophants.

It has been a good month for the Criminal Justice System in South Africa.

Two weeks ago Nomgcobo Jiba and Laurence Mrwebi were served with suspension notices by president Cyril Ramaphosa and today the Constitutional Court confirmed the North Gauteng High Court's finding that Shaun Abrahams' appointment was unlawful.

This trio were in the forefront of ruining the reputation of the National Prosecuting Authority.

They mutated  the NPA into their fiefdom.

Jiba, a Zuma sycophant, has been a toxic hellcat.

Her malice will leave an indelible scar on this vital institution.

She has studiously shielded Zuma and Richard Mdluli from prosecution.

In the process she persecuted innocent individuals.

She abused the justice system to achieve her own nefarious agenda.

Abrahams, not to be outdone by Jiba, asserted himself as a blustering useful idiot the moment he took office.

He withdrew criminal charges against Jiba,( this decision was later overturned by the High Court) and appealed court decisions ad nauseum in his endeavour to protect Jiba and his political masters.

Under his stewardship a cabal, with Jiba at the helm , effectively hijacked the NPA as an institution.

Prosecutors at Abrahams' office became persecutors of people who had the temerity to investigate corrupt politicians and their business contacts.

Suffering at the hands of this cabal at the behest of their political masters were

  • Pravin Gordhan
  • Ivan Pillay
  • Johan Van Loggerenberg
  • Robert Mc Bride
  • Glynnis Breytenbach
  • Anwa Dramat
  • Shadrick Sibija
  • Paul O’ Sullivan
  • Sara-Jane Trent
  • Cato Manor Organized Crime Unit and myself.

We were hounded, persecuted and maligned, all in the name of so-called justice.

Fortunately the real scales of lady justice intervened and now the tables have been turned.

The significance of the  removal of Abrahams by the Constitutional Court goes further than the removal of one recalcitrant individual.

The independence of the NPA can never be compromised because its independence becomes an inconvenience to political reprobates.

The departure of Abrahams must be the beginning of a catharsis of the NPA.

Otherwise the rot will endure.

As long as the likes of Gladstone Maema, Moipone Noko, Anthony Mosing, Torie Pretorius, JJ Mhlotshwa, Raymond Mathenjwa, Dawood Adams and a few other miscreants remain at the NPA, it will remain a compromised institution.

It remains incumbent for a judicial commission of enquiry to be established to purge those from the institution who have brought it in disrepute.