Today's rant is not one of my normal political pieces.

It has to do with sports, particularly athletics and how the "IAAF" (maybe short for "International Athletics A$$hole and Fools"?) is trying to legislate that a woman can also NOT BE A WOMAN!!!

Personally I have admired the achievements of Caster ever since she started winning just about everything SHE competed in.

She is a proud daughter of South Africa and I say that we should all be supporting her on this matter.

I see that Athletics SA (ASA) is behind her in this matter and that is commendable.

So what is the story here?

Caster was born female, raised as a "girl" child and grew to become a woman.

But as sometimes happens, Caster has a natural occurring hormonal imbalance.

Nothing too strange there - there are many people that have this happening in their bodies.

In Caster's case she has an elevated level of Testosterone in her body.

Testosterone is considered to be a "Male Hormone" but every woman in the world has testosterone in their bodies.

Just like EVERY man in the world has Oestrogen (the so called "Female hormone") in their body.

Both cases are 100% natural !!!

Testosterone is evidently the hormone that determines the muscularity of the human body and EVERYBODY, BOTH MALE AND FEMALE has naturally occurring testosterone in their bodies.

In males it is generally higher than in females because males are generally more muscular than females.

Males are generally more "physical".

Historically the men went out and hunted and the women looked after the children and the home.

That was (and in many cases, still is) the way of it.

Caster has exercised and trained hard HER whole life to get where she is and because of her elevated NATURALLY OCCURRING testosterone level her body has developed its muscles so that they perform well - like she does.

There have been cases where female athletes inject testosterone or take testosterone pills to "get an unnatural advantage" and they got caught but in Caster's case IT IS 100% NATURAL !

So now these IAAF fools want to pass new "rules" that will force her to take all sorts of unnatural drugs to LOWER HER NATURAL TESTOSTERONE LEVEL!!

Just so that other athletes stand a chance of beating her...


That is the same as telling people like Einstein and da Vinci to take "stupid pills" so that they are not so much more intelligent than rest of us..

Or like telling people like Zola Budd to take a "slow pill" - did not happen back then and it SHOULD NOT HAPPEN NOW!!

Or like a parent telling their child NOT TO STUDY so that their marks are at 50% like everyone else in their class.

NO parent would do that.

We South Africans need to let Caster know that WE ALL STAND BEHIND HER.

So we need to share our feelings, share articles like this one, let her know that we are not abandoning one of our daughters, one of our sisters, ONE OF US !!!


Because SHE is a winner - and SHE makes us ALL PROUD !!!

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