Heartfelt Commentary

Heartfelt Commentary

I was asking my white friends recently where they were planning to run to.

You know... In case they wanted to run away from the crimes and corruption..

I was really dissappointed to hear they really DID NOT have any place to go to...

Cos I wanted to go with them... I'm scared of being in this country.. really scared!

Let's be honest - the white racists have mostly left in 1994.

Those that stayed, even if they are racists, they aren't nearly half as bad as the Black racists!

Those ostriches who keep denying Black Racism!

The murders committed against them are heartbreaking!

Humanity has left this world years ago - we all call ourselves human beings but we lack humanity.

Blacks long ago were known for their humanity.

They took care of each other - even strangers.

Now the Black on Black crime is waaay more than the White on Black crimes.

We don't need statistics to figure this one out!

Yes, they will blame poverty for it - or maybe apartheid - but if we look at the number of rich black people nowadays....

If the same ubuntu that existed during apartheid still existed now, the gap between the rich and the poor would have been very small.

We could have been helping our neighbours to stay out of trouble.

But now the rich now move to the previously white owned surburbs.

Yet they do not make their neighbourhood a better place for them to raise their kids!

Why don't we make our free education system a better place.

I know, I know - because we all have to go to work.

White people work too!

But they make time to attend Parent's meetings at school, in the EVENINGS!

It's the little things like that, to bring the change we all want.

The state hospitals are in a terrible state!

How can we fix that?

Instead of fighting and burning schools we should be standing together as one and remove the corrupt leaders!

It doesn't help if only one person is fighting this desease - we all need to go to get together peacefully and stand for the betterment of the country!

But nooo!

We are all too busy working hard trying to fill up our bank account but they are never filled are they?

They never will be filled!

Instead they will get more empty!

I wish human beings could wake up!

They are loosing against none other than themselves!

It's everyone for himself out there!

My Black husband twisted his ankle chasing a Black guy who stole an old Black lady's handbag last week...

No one helped him...

All hundreds of BLACK people in the area just stood and watched!

It will be difficult to not make it a Race issue because we have lost humanity.

We just see colour.

We talk colour.

We talk price tags.

We all compare and all want to be better than the next.

But are so jealous of the Honest, successful Black person, and think he achieved it by crooked means.

Then justify our imaginations as a means to an end for us to be successful?


So we are vain and bitter!

It was a man who was both black and white who said:

We are the world! We are the children! We are the ones to make it a better place! There is a choice we making We saving our own lives Just u and me... There comes a time When we heed the certain call When the world must stand together as one We cant go on pretending day by day that someone somehow will soon make a change!

My heart bleeds for these little angels whose lives ended way too soon.

Spending money on Political court litigation rather than replacing Pit toilets!

Black White Indian Coloured Chinese or what ever - South African and Non- South African!.

We should all be ashamed!

You can hurt anyone but when you start hurting the kids - THATS WHEN YOU KNOW.... ITS ALL OVER!!!

I envy the dead.

They don't have to witness such sorcery...