Huff Post SA bites the dust

Huff Post SA bites the dust

The demise of the Huff Post SA proves the point that media companies are profit driven and do not work for ordinary people .

Now ordinary people are saying enough is enough.

The Huff Post SA news site was set up using huge resources and investment by the Naspers group .

The brand is designed to be a campaigner for the global left .

So its editorial stance is already captured and artificially set up to promote the globalist elite agenda .

It was just announced that it will be discontinued as a news site in South Africa and will disappear because it did not make enough money from advertisers .

It did not make it because we did not need a sectarian campaigner like them .

We want to hear things as they are .

In our own voices, speaking from the heart, using clear facts to argue our points of view .

We dont need politically correct artificial voices like the Huff Post SA to tell us what is happening .

We can think for ourselves .

The citizen reporter platform was launched after Aubrey F O'Callaghan built it on his own, using his own resources.

It was conceived as a way for ordinary people to write articles expressing uncaptured views.

For too long the local "Main Stream Media" has failed to hold the corrupt ANC and their state capture friends to account. was designed to be the voice of ordinary people of South Africa, for ordinary people of South Africa.

I, and all the people who write for UncapturedSA, donate our own time to write articles for you on, use our own time to research, use our own laptop to type out articles, use our own data.

I sit at my own desk, in my home - sometimes until the early hours.

None of us make a cent profit - and that is fine.

We do it because we care and because we dont want to see my country destroyed, aided and abetted by the "Main Stream Media" companies that spew out the ANC narrative, or a globalist elite narrative that means nothing to us ordinary people. is not about colour - It is about truth!

We dont want narratives that are used to maintain thieving by rent seeking politicians.

We want the facts to speak for itself.

And we will maintain the site as long as we can.

So PLEASE join us and start writing!

You can be a citizen reporter too!!

Speak out, speak up!

We welcome articles from all uncaptured South Africans.

On just about any subjects!

We have had poems published!

We have had short stories published.

We want to publish the truth from your perspective!

Please contact me , Daniel Sutherland, or Aubrey O'Callaghan on Facebook to get your article published.

Alternatively you can use the Contact Us form on Uncapturedsa to submit your story document.

Even sports match reports about your local sports team!!

After all, It Is ALL NEWS - so please start writing.