In response to questions raised on Facebook

In response to questions raised on Facebook

This is in response to comments and questions in a post by Zondra Hoffmann on Saturday.

Corrie Zeef :

"Dan Sutherland and I being "Buddies"

Not really...

I have never met the man face to face (yet) but we do share beliefs and collaborate with each other from time to time on projects that we are both into.

The UnCapturedSA web site being one of them.

The "Fake Site" page on the website is based on Dan's "list".

And maybe that list needs updating a bit.

Dan probably did send me an update but I have been having so much crap in my life that it probably "slipped through the cracks" so to speak.

My "BAD"


Janet Benecke :

I read your comment at about 2:30am and mistakenly thought that you were saying that Dan spreads fake news but on reading the comment again after some sleep I realize that I was "sitting the pot miss" as they say - Sorry about that.

About the website:

We have been re-publishing a lot of content (with permission of course) by people like Themba Mdlalose and others (under their name) on the website and then I share these articles into the various groups on Facebook.

Now why it is important to publish what is going on in our country on a web site is that the content is picked up by Google and the other search engines and finds its way into the "public domain" worldwide and can be found in a Google search.

What is published directly on Facebook pages and groups is not "found" by the search engines and essentially gets "stuck" on Facebook and only followers and friends get to read it.

And that is of no use to "our cause" whatsoever is it.

The other advantage in publishing on a site like is that the content is NOT actually ON Facebook which means that when the people who are being exposed in the article or their TROLL supporters (ANC, EFF. BLF etc) bitch and moan to Facebook about it to Facebook then Facebook takes a look and because the content/story is not actually on Facebook - only the "share" is, they don't do anything.

But I personally have been getting "Jailed" lately and as you may know, getting explanations for anything out of Facebook is a task doomed to fail from the beginning.

But I have been able to figure out a couple of things.

  1. Writers like Themba Mdlalose, Mirriam Jass and others (who write exceptional articles) post them on Facebook first and I then pick them up from there and create suitable articles on UnCapturedSA (with their permission of course).
  2. I personally am the responsible person as far as the UnCapturedSA Facebook page is concerned.
  3. When I share an article to the various Facebook groups it happens under my personal name.
  4. Facebook is possibly looking at what I share from the site and finding that the "story" has already appeared directly in Facebook, call it "plagurism" and I get "Jailed" for it.
  5. But it gets worse!
  6. If Themba's article (using him as an example) was already published or shared to one of the groups that I then go and share the UnCapturedSA version to, on many groups some of the administrators get their underwear all knotted up because it is a "duplicate post". Not all groups, just some...
  7. So I get reported for "spamming" and... I'm in "Facebook Jail" again.
  8. So we were forced to make the decission NOT to publish ANYTHING that has already been posted to a page or group on Facebook because I do not want to be in "Facebook Jail"!!!
  9. This means that a LOT of VERY GOOD CONTENT is stuck in Facebook and never finds its way onto the search engines or the attention of the global media.
  10. And that is not good!!! In fact it is very sad!!! But I have to protect both the UnCapturedSA web site and myself so that is the way it has to be.

Now ANYONE can submit an article for publication on ANY subject as long as it is not racist or is blatant propaganda or simply downright lies or promotes criminality.

All you have to do is message the article to me directly and if it passes the test, it gets put on the site and shared to you.

From there you can share your article to wherever you want, NOT JUST TO FACEBOOK - the more people reading your article the better for you.

Who knows, You might just become internationally known as a hardhitting but fair political commentator, womans rights activist or someone who has taught millions of fathers how to put a "Pampers" on the baby.

And to all the fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day!!!