Is Ramaphosa Trustworthy?

Is Ramaphosa Trustworthy?

It is no secret that I personally do not trust ANY politician, ESPECIALLY one that operates under the banner of the ANC.

Politicians HAVE to be quick to change their viewpoint or they are simply not going to last and that means whatever they say today might in all probability be turned on its head tomorrow.

However, the "rules" that members of the ANC have to adhere to basically says that the views of any member MUST FOLLOW the views of whoever is above them in the party hierachy.

They are not allowed to have their own opinion and if they do, then they MUST NOT VOICE IT IF THEIR OPINION DOES NOT FOLLOW THE "PARTY LINE".

If you don't believe me then go to their website - it is all there.

And this I believe explains why Mosiuoa "Terror" Lekota walked out of the ANC some years ago and founded COPE - I hope that he could not and would not compromise his personal integrity to "follow the party line".

But back to President Ramaphosa...

Ramaphosa has been a member of the ANC "inner circle" for many years and IF he was such a beacon of integrity then why did he not voice the fact that something was seriously wrong in the ANC at THAT EARLY STAGE?

The National Party politicians all came with the story that they "were fighting to change the unjust system from within" - all in an attempt to regain the confidence of the voting public in the first democratic ellection.

The problem for the Nats then was that NO-ONE BELIEVED A WORD OF IT!!!

If Ramaphosa tries to sell the public that story now, I do not think that he will be believed now either!

But since Zuma got thrown out, the international financial people are starting to see some hope in the future of South Africa it seems and I have even heard rumours that our "junk" status may be reviewed upwards by S&P, Moodys etc because of the track record that Ramaphosa has in the business arena.

And of course Ramaphosa has to be seen cleaning out all the corruption and dead wood in government - and THAT should be interesting.

A lot of the current crop of officials and ministers were Zuma's hand picked "people" and it is common knowledge that Ramaphosa and Zuma were not exactly buddies - which means that in all probibility he (Ramaphosa) will be chucking them (Zuma's gangsters) out and putting his own people in.

My personal opinion is he is clever enough to realize that whoever he puts in will HAVE to be efficient, honest and "go getters" otherwise his stated goal of restoring the peoples confidence in the ANC will not even get out of the starting blocks.

It seems that he is allowing Zuma to face the law, Abrahams got a NASTY shock yesterday, and I CANT WAIT to see what sorts of CR@P comes out of the mouths of Lynne Brown and others when it is their turn to face the music and own up.

Will the "new broom" that is Cyril Ramaphosa be able to start sweeping the mess that the ANC has made away - or will it just be swept under the carpet as usual!!!