"We unfortunately have crooks‚ like in any other organisation!"

This is a quote from Glenn Phillips who is the managing executive of SanParks.

SanParks is aware of collaboration between some staff members and poaching syndicates and their investigators are working very closely with the police to identify and bring the criminals up on suitable criminal charges.

According to a source in the SanParks (South African National Parks) organisation, certain rangers are collaborating with poachers and not clamping down on community members and syndicates who poach rhino in the Kruger National Park (KNP).

On Sunday 3 "alleged" rhino poachers were arrested and a number of rhino horns were found in their possession.

Walter Mhangani (age 55)‚ Emmanuel Mdhuli (age 29) and Xongani Mathebula (a Mozambican citizen - age unknown) were named as the 3 arrested for trespassing‚ possession of an unlicensed firearm‚ conspiracy to commit an offence‚ possession of a firearm with intent to commit crime‚ and possession of unlicensed ammunition and a number of other charges.

Glen Philips was also heard saying that the SanPark Organization could not afford to have people in the organization that were also members of or assisting various poaching syndicates.

The general Kruger staff do not necessarily collaborated with the poachers and on many occasions the poachers simply drive in posing as tourists when they are on a slaughter mission.

There is even talk of enlistion the aid of the military for the various security functions.

It is unfortunate that the syndicate kingpins and bosses are never arrested and those that do get caught are the low-level and poverty stricken poachers who are putting their lives and the futures of their families in danger.

Another pair of rangers, Rodney Landela and Kenneth Motshotsho have also been linked to poaching crimes in the Kingfisherspruit district after bloody shoes evidently belonging to them were found in the vehicle that Motshotsho was driving when they were apprehended.

The question on everyones minds is when are these criminal poachers going to be stopped for once and for all?