Julius Malema : The most dangerous man in South Africa

Julius Malema : The most dangerous man in South Africa

The most dangerous man alive today in South Africa is Julius Malema.

He is the biggest danger to the economy, the biggest danger to job creation, the biggest danger to social cohesion...

He is a man that encouraging murder of white people and now he has also turned his sights on the Indian community.

Malema has infected the national mindset and narrative.

He has somehow succeeded to infiltrate the national mindset so that everyone dances to his tune.

The country is unable to stand up to this dictator and despot and create a different narrative, create a centre that can hold.

In our country the centre is not holding at all.

The EFF, despite only 6% support at the last election, has become the party that dictates policy in the country.

It is the EFF that have caused the political scales in the country to tilt so far to the left that the scales actually tipped over- under the weight of their outright communist/marxist "everything for free" policy.

The EFF is at the forefront of driving a black nationalist, actually facist agenda.

Nationalism combined with socialism is called nazi-ism.

The red berets are South Africa's version of Germany's Nazi party that plunged Germany and the world into war.

We have seen the EFF shifted the political policy debate so far to the populist left that the ANC followed suit - too weak, corrupt and divided to put up an alternative to the EFF.

Now the ANC also stand for expropriation without compensation and nationalization of the Reserve Bank - which was first propagated by the EFF.

The EFF has become the tail that wags the dog.

The EFF dont only "work" in Parliament, they work outside of it.

They drive an illegal land invasion campaign, even bussing around people to mob attack places like Riebeek Kasteel to drive fear into the hearts of minorities.

Even the DA shifted to the left because of an inability on their part to explain to the population that marxism does not work!!

If we dont try and get a sane mindset and centre in South Africa soon, the county will end up on the ash heap of history as just another failed African country.

We have to make it clear that the "everything for free" and other populist Nazi policies do not work.

Communism has failed for a reason in the countries where it failed - places like the Soviet Union.

It is because if the State drives everything, acting as a nanny state, you take away the freedom and initiative of individuals to create successful businesses.

90 % of BEE farming schemes have failed because it follows the communist/collective model where a farm is given to a group to run.

If the place does not belong to someone with the skill to run it but belongs to a group then nobody will be in charge and nobody will take responsibility.

You won't have a successful country where your promise free everything, free houses, free land , to an already exploding population, also expanded by uncontrolled immigration.

The most dangerous thing you can do in South Africa is promising free stuff!

People will want that free stuff and get violent if they dont get it.

You have to change the mindset...

Why must somebody work extremely hard to establish a successful bussiness if the government is going to take most of his profits to give to others?

He might as well go to other places in the world where he will be treated in a fairer way.

The EFF, like the ANC, are a criminal group.

They are profit and greed driven!

They implement populist, racist policies to get votes, knowing it will fail, but knowing that by the time it fails, they would have scooped up most of the cream and they will make their getaway with billions in looted money.

And the rest of us will be equally poor, the misery of a destroyed country will be the only thing that we will share.

Democracy and a successful country will indeed cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who are not willing to work.

Margaret Thatcher said that the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

We should be honest enough to admit that there is no free lunches, and that we dont have enough resources for everything to be free.

BUT if we cut out corruption and gravytrain politics, we CAN help people who are deserving to get decent education, which will empower them to earn their own money, have dignity and be all that they can be.

We should be honest enough to realise that we can not change everything overnight, BUT that a lot of things can change very fast, IF we can get the ANC out of office as soon as possible, to be replaced by a coalition government EXCLUDING the ANC/EFF Alliance.

Let freedom reign.

Release people's creativity, entrepeurship and resourcefullness.

Not all of us can be entrepreneurs and job creators, some of us have to be doctors, teachers and workers/

But if you dont have employers, you wont have people working for them, and you will have millions more unemployed sitting at their shacks and rdp houses, thinking of ways to make money, which in many cases will involve crime.

Admit that "the private sector creates jobs, not the State".