Just maybe the `New` President is doing his job?

Just maybe the `New` President is doing his job?

Fikile MabulaFormer Police Minister Fikile Mbalula resigned from Parliament.

The question is "Did he jump or was he pushed?"

He is now at Luthuli House and word is that he is in charge of the election campaign in the run-up to the National Elections in 2019.

ANC Chief Wip Jackson Mthembu tried to whitewash Mabula's removal saying "While Comrade Mbalula's departure from Parliament will leave a void.....".

Maybe this was said to "prevent embarrassment" - or maybe to hide the "void" where tax payers money used to be...

Who knows!

Will he still be holding that position when the elections come around?

Or will he be "quietly" removed from the scene because to be quite honest, he is an embarrasment to the ANC as he has been linked to the "State Capture" disgrace that lead to the fall of Jacob Zuma as President.

Ingrid Tufvesson and Lynne BrownAnd speaking of "embarrassments", the one and only Lynne Brown has resigned!!!

She was ALSO implicated in "State Capture" as well as all sorts of corrupt actions, including getting her "Life Partner" Ingrid Tufvesson all sorts of contracts and deals involving some pretty serious Rand numbers.

Brown is supposed to have said that she is leaving to make way for "fresh blood" which many do not believe.

She is probably trying to get out of the way of the wave of retribution that seems to be on its way courtesy of Ramaphosa.

Malusi GigabaAnd lets not forget about Malusi Gigaba our Minister of Home Affairs.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Gigaba and his department made a TOTAL MESS with the naturalisation process regarding the Guptas and guess what: Now the Guptas have escaped out of the country!

And when Gigaba was summonsed to Parliament to provide some answers about the whole debacle, he failed to appear!!!

Now Parliament is not some local school, IT IS PARLIAMENT!!!

But Gigaba sent a "sick note"!!!

Evidently even the EFF found this to be unacceptable!!!

And the Speaker, Baleka Mbete is said to have lodged a complaint over his "No Show".

I wonder just how far that will get - or will it also simply be swept under the rug as have so many other things?