Team Corruption Busters - (coached by Mr Justice) 12

Team Abrahams - (coached by Mr Fibber ) 0


Shadrick Sibiya. Acquitted!

Pravin Gordhan. Case withdrawn!

Glinis Breytenbach. Acquitted!

Robert Mc Bride. Case withdrawn!

Mathew Sesoko. Case withdrawn!

Innocent Khuba. Case withdrawn!

Gerrie Nel. Case withdrawn!

Sara-Jane Trent. Case struck of the roll!

Paul O'Sullivan. Prosecuted three times. Two cases acquitted and one case struck of roll by magistrate.

Johan Booysen. Withdrawn (prosecution re-instituted by Abrahams despite court ruling!)

What are the common denominators in these encounters?

  1. Team Corruption Busters : All are involved in corruption investigations or prosecutions of politicians, businessmen linked to politicians and senior police officers with links to politicians.
  2. Team Abrahams : All members of a cabal at the NPA, under the de jure stewardship of Shaun Abrahams,( but the de facto control of Nomgcobo Jiba ) Gladstone Maema, JJ Mhlotshwa, Raymond Mathenjwa ably assisted by Torie Pretorius, Anthony Mosing, Dawood Adam, Lawrence Mwrebi and Moipone Noko.

The coach said "Team Corruption busters are growing in confidence whereas team Abrahams may soon be without their captain and two of their stalwarts, Jiba and Mwrebi."

With the management of Team Abrahams now under scrutiny by the shareholders, because of too many own goals, Team Abrahams could all soon be relegated to play on the ash heap of history.