A question I put forward recently was "Can Cope Cope"?

One of the answers was as follows:

"No it doesn’t take one person, so far, people are impressed with the leader and unless he surrounds himself with good caliber people he'll not cope." 


Now this is a very good point being raised...


In the 90's everyone was being told that the ANC was "the answer" and they justified that statement by pointing at Nelson Mandela and saying that he was the best thing since sliced cheese.

HARDLY ANYONE looked at any of the other people who in the ANC before making their decision and that was a downright f*^#ing disaster and led directly to where South Africa is today.

As it turned out there were VERY FEW honorable people in the ANC besides Mandela.

The cream always floats to the top - but unfortunately, so does the "$#!T".

The "NEW", "REVITALIZED" (and whatever else they call it) ANC is simply the old ANC with a few cosmetic changes.


ALL the ANC politicians that make up the "New ANC" were there in the "OLD ANC".

They are ALL still benefiting from the corruption. bribery, nepotism and general criminality that was AND IS STILL GOING ON.

During the Mbeki and especially the Zuma periods they ALL KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON.


From now President Cyril Ramaphosa all the way down the corrupt organization.


The multi-billionaire Ramaphosa included....


But along the way there were individuals who resigned from the ANC.

One of them was Mosiuoa "Terror" Lekota and I remember thinking at the time that he must have pi$$ed somebody off in the ANC to a very great extent to be "forced to resign".

Now I am not saying that this is the case but maybe he "pi$$ed" them off because he was against the fact that the ANC was heading down the corruption road.

Maybe he did actually leave the ANC because he is a man with a sense of decency and was not kicked out by Luthuli House as so many of us believed at the time.

The exact reasons were never made public. By either parties...

In a nutshell Lakota left the ANC (who then vilified him) and then formed COPE.


Today COPE seems to be making inroads into the ANC support base and the ANC are NOT HAPPY about that!


Now here is the point:


If we as a country do not learn from the mistakes we made historically then we are doomed to make those same mistakes again.

In the 90's we judged the ANC based on the person Nelson Mandela and looked no further - a BIG mistake !!!

In the run-up to the 2019 election we are being told to make a decision about COPE based on Mosiuoa Lekota.

This will also be a mistake!

Who is he once you strip away the press releases and praise singing?

Who else is in the organization?

How did they get to where they are?

Corruption? Criminal activity? How? And maybe Why!

Once we know all of that information then, and only then, we will be able to make some sort of informed decision about Mosiuoa Lekota and COPE.


Let us learn from the historical mistakes and not repeat history.

Let us find out more about COPE and the people who are in it.

Not only the good but especially the bad and the ugly.

For all of our sakes.