Land Audit Report of November 2017

Land Audit Report of November 2017

For those that are interested in the land debate, I have studied the November 2017 Land Audit report which has been so grossly misrepresented by poor quality journalists and present the real data below.

Land ownership is divided into state ownership and also the following categories of private ownership:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Trusts
  • Community Based Organizations
  • Co-ownership

The state (national, provincial and municipal) and all other non-private ownership (including the Ingonyama Trust in KZN) accounts for 28.12 million ha of land.

This is equivalent to 22% of the total 122 million hectares of land in South Africa.

Percentage Land

The remaining 77% is held by the above mentioned categories of private owners.

Companies will include everything from large conglomerates, mines, factories and businesses registered as companies.

  • The total land owned by the Companies category of owners is 23.2 million hectares, or 19% of SA.

Trusts include family trusts, community trusts and any other entity registered as such in terms of the Trust Property Control Act of 1988.

  • The total land owned by the Trusts category of owners is 29.3 million hectares, or 24% of SA.
  • Community based organizations own 3.6 million hectares, or 3% of SA.
  • Co-ownership accounts for 0.9 million hectares, or 0.7% of SA.
  • Private individuals where race can be allocated, own 37 million hectares which accounts for 30% of SA.

This private individual ownership of SA was subdivided into ownership of

  1. farms and agricultural holdings
  2. erven
  3. sectional title properties.

Ownership was further classified according to race as white, African, coloured, Indian, other and co-owned.

Race was determined through the ID number of the owner on the title deed, matched with data held by StatsSA from the 2011 census.

Where race could not be determined, ownership was classed as "other".

The white private individual ownership for farms and agricultural holdings + erven + sectional title is as follows for each province:

  • Eastern Cape: 3.03 million ha (18%)
  • Western Cape: 2.86 million ha (22%)
  • Northern Cape: 11.65 million ha (31%)
  • Free State: 3.76 million ha (29%)
  • North West: 2.42 million ha (23%)
  • Gauteng: 0.31 million ha (17%)
  • Mpumulanga: 0.97 million ha (13%)
  • Limpopo: 1.15 million ha (9%)
  • Kwazulu Natal: 0.87 million ha (9%)

Total SA: 27.03 million ha (22%)

These are the real facts taken from the government's own Land Audit report.

An indisputably white owner can be linked to ONLY 22% of South Africa’s land.

William Pulles

14th March, 2018