Legal System Exploitation

Legal System Exploitation

Sure enough, our legal system is now being used to facilitate the Gupta crime family's flight from South Africa with all their ill gotten riches in tow.

At a time when we all know what they did, they are simply getting away and taking all the stolen money with them.

Its like seeing the robber strolling past you with a bag full of cash but we are all helpless as the robber is being escorted out by the legal system !!!

The Gupta related companies are all in business rescue at the moment, including the Optimum coal mine.

That means creditors cant touch them !!!

The business rescue practitioners are being used by the Guptas to stave off creditors until such time that a buyer is found and the money for their huge assets will be legally transferred to their bank accounts offshore.

I am of the opinion that they don't have a single asset which they aquired legally!!

Eskom practically ensured they got the Optimum coal mine for free.

And so it goes with all their companies!

They obtained the Shiva uranium mine with a loan from the IDC, a loan never paid back.

As we have seen in the media, the R10 million meant for the Vrede Dairy Farm which was paid DIRECTLY into Atul Gupta's bank account, which was frozen by the NPA, was returned to Atul Gupta this week by the Free State High court.

We have seen reports in the media that the Hawks were ready to arrest the suspects in the Vrede Dairy Farm case in November, including Atul Gupta, but that the NPA (Shaun Abrahams) witheld warrants of arrests until the Guptas and Duduzane Zuma were safely out of the country.

You will never get justice in a country where the criminals make the rules!!!