Mantashe: Put South Africans first when electing ANC leaders

Mantashe: Put South Africans first when electing ANC leaders

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says "A concerted effort needs to be taken to revitalize the party's image in the public domain."

In other words is Gwede Mantashe admitting that in the past they have been voting for cronies and NOT in the best interest of South Africa?

And what does that say about the inner workings of the ANC?

Seeing as that sort of crony mentality has been ruling South Africa since 1994, is it any wonder that the country has become the private petty cash box (actually, NOT so petty) for everyone and their dog who have captured our fair country and effectively bankrupted it?

Can we trust the ANC on this or is it simply an early election promise that they do not intend to keep? Like all those that have come before?

In reality the ANC has been lying to and misleading the people of South Africa, stealing and looting the riches of South Africa and all but destroying the future of our children for over 20 years and now they want to tell us that things are going to change....

The South African people have heard those promises before every election that the ANC has appeared on the ballot paper.

"Together for a better South Africa" and all the other similar slogans that have not been anything more than hot air !

I am sorry but the people of South Africa no longer believe the ANC !

So what can you do about the situation?

"Very little" is the answer !!!

But there is one thing the ANC could do that may just help their cause slightly...

Apply for a "Vote of No Confidence" debate in parliament NOW, THIS COMING WEEK, and get Jacob Zuma out of office and arrested for all his crimes.

And there are well over 400 of those charges just waiting to be actioned.

But I'm definitely not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen given the track record of the ANC as far as crony-ism is concerned !!!