Moaning... Hating... Blaming...

Moaning... Hating... Blaming...

The root cause of all our societal problems is a dysfunctional government!

We are fighting against each other because our own government encourages and promotes racism.

We're divided into the "our people" and the "them people" because our government defines us as such.

We are killing each other for land that belongs to all of us because our government uses the land issue to divide us and make us hate each other.

We have a dysfunctional police system that allows criminals to torture and brutally murder us in our own homes and streets because our government allows it.

Even our elderly and sick are disrespected, humiliated and killed mercilessly by their caregivers and everyone because our government does not care to protect them.

Teenagers find it easy to target pensioners living alone and rape them.

Their own grandmothers!

Lawlessness is the order of the day.

How can we then be surprised that opportunistic politicians are able to spew racist garbage and incite violence publicly and get away with it?

For the benefit of increasing their votes !!!

They have assessed the situation and realised that this is a banana republic and it is "all systems go" for them.

Whatever you do or say, no matter how vile or unlawful, you will never have experience repercussions.

You just do as you like in this country!

There is no law.

No police.

No health care worker.

No educators.

No government!!!

It's a free fall to a dark bottomless pit.

And we're all just pawns in the whole saga.

No matter your race or religion, you are directly affected by the state of decay presently in this country.

Unfortunately the minority "stupid" tend to have a more pronounced voice at the moment.

But we all know that empty vessels make the most noise!!!

And they do seem many at the moment!

Those that refuse to see the truth !!

They're shouting at the top of their voices everywhere...

They're in our faces 24-7 ...

And they nauseate and anger us beyond limits !

But they are still the minority !

AND WE do have the power to stop this 500km per hour train to hell.

WE put the keys to the ignition and fast forwarded this shit, and only WE can put the brakes on it.

Before it's too late.

We only have about 13 months to make that crucial decision.

Will we do it when the opportunity presents itself?

Or will we still be stuck in our own little individual worlds?




How will that help us with anything?