Mosiua Lekota on twitter : Who is OUR PEOPLE?

Mosiua Lekota on twitter : Who is OUR PEOPLE?

We post a tweet , continued in the thread, by Mr Mosiua Lekota of COPE on twitter .


My question still stands.

To return specifically to the matter of issues generated by the decision of the 54th ANC National Conference on the Land Question, the former member and leader of the ANC, and current leader of the Congress of the People (COPE), Mosioua Lekota, publicly posed an appropriate question after that Conference.

He asked – given that the ANC had resolved to expropriate land and transfer it to those the ANC described as "our people" - who in this equation were not "our people" in terms of long established ANC policy?

The truth is that the ANC leadership has not answered this very legitimate question, except through heckling Lekota to silence him.

In this context we must state that in reality the 54th National Conference of the ANC accepted the leadership of the EFF on this matter when it adopted its resolution of the Land Question!

It is therefore very interesting that whereas the ANC leadership seemed incapable of answering the question posed by Mosioua Lekota, the leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, made bold publicly to answer this question.

At the National Assembly in February 2018, Malema responded to Lekota and said:

You can't ask - who are your people? - because the National Democratic Revolution answers that question.

It says the motive forces which stand to benefit from the victories of this Revolution – those are our people.

The motive forces of the National Democratic Revolution which you went to prison for – the motive forces of the National Democratic Revolution are the oppressed, the blacks in general and the Africans in particular.

It is therefore very plain that what the EFF considers to constitute "our people" with regard to the Land Question are "the blacks in general and the Africans in particular"!

Obviously this means that those who are NOT "OUR PEOPLE", according to the EFF, whose land must be expropriated without compensation, are the white sections of our population!

The EFF position concerning the matter of who "our people" are, as explained by Julius Malema as quoted above, is of course vulgar and gross

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