NDZ vs Ramaphosa - Whats the difference

NDZ vs Ramaphosa - Whats the difference

NDZ vs Ramaphosa - Whats the difference?

The entire country is discussing the Dlamini-Zuma vs Ramaphosa presidential nomination issue but maybe we should be asking ourselves "Is it that important or is it just smoke and mirrors?"

Lets face it, Jacob Zuma has gone "rogue" on the ANC.

He (Jacob) is not paying the slightest bit of attention to Luthuli House and whatever they are saying and has not been doing so for a very long time.

The only people that the president is worrying about are his "Capture Masters" in the form of the Gupta family and many others.

The NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE or "leadership" of the ANC, the so called Power Behind the Throne is defined as follows in this ANC document

Powers of the NEC
12.1 The National Executive Committee is the highest organ of the ANC between National Conferences and has the authority to lead the organisation, subject to the provisions of this Constitution.

Now what does this mean?

Essentially it means that the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is who the "president" is supposed to be taking orders from.

This is also defined in the ANC constitution as follows:

16.1 The President
The President is the political head and chief directing officer of the ANC and the leader of the house at National Conference or National General Council meetings. He or she shall:
16.1.1 Make pronouncements for and on behalf of the NEC outlining and explaining the policy or attitude of the ANC on any question;
16.1.2 Present to the National Conference and National General Council a comprehensive statement of the state of the nation and the political situation generally; and
16.1.3 Under the overall supervision of the NEC, orient and direct the activities of the ANC.

However, in reality this is not the way it is working!

Now here is the thing of it...

By NOT listening to the orders of the NEC and carrying on as he has (and still is) is in DIRECT CONFLICT with the NEC and indeed the constitution of the ANC !!!


In my opinion the top leadership group, the NEC, are weak and self-serving and would not DARE to do anything for the simple reason that going after their "chosen son" it would alert the public and more importantly whatever members they have left to the fact that the NEC is a self-serving group and no amount of claims to the contrary would be able to hide that fact.

Now both Dlamini-Zuma and Ramaphosa would in all probability listen to the NEC and be a good president from the viewpoint of the NEC BUT where does that leave the people of South Africa?

I think that the members of the NEC are not fit to run South Africa from behind the scenes which means that if either Dlamini-Zuma OR Ramaphosa becomes the next president then South Africa is still being run by the ANC NEC.

Based on their performance over the last 20 plus years, it seems to be obvious that the ANC NEC is not up to the task for a multitude of reasons.

So why are we all getting so involved in the ANC presidential debate?

It is obvious that no matter which candidate succeeds, if the ANC takes the next general election we are again stuck with the ANC NEC calling the shots.

I believe that that is an unacceptable outcome for the next election as far as many fellow South Africans are concerned.

So why are we wasting all our energies discussing who the next ANC president is going to be?

I feel that our energy as a nation should be directed towards ensuring that whoever the next ANC president is, that person DOES NOT BECOME THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF OUR SOUTH AFRICA

Is it important?

Yes it is!

But there is nothing that WE can do one way or another!!!

So lets concentrate on making sure that the ANC DOES NOT WIN THE NEXT ELECTION!

For too long the public has had their attention diverted from the real issues by the ANC "smoke and mirrors" act and it is time we start concentrating on the REAL issue at hand, GETTING THE ANC OUT OF OFFICE !

Do you agree?

If you do than please share this article as widely as you can and lets get on with the job !!!