New Article by Daniel Sutherland

New Article by Daniel Sutherland

If the Mugabe style radical communist policies of expropriation of land without compensation - land grabs - , nationalization of the Reserve Bank and free tertiary education ever get implemented it will be the death penalty for South Africa and this country will officially be declared dead.

In that case here are our two executioners. These are the two who did the most to kill us. They are Jacob Zuma783 and Julius Sello Malema.

Of course first and foremost Kom Raid #783. This man had a grand plan of theft and looting since the day the ANC took the reigns in this country. He developed this plan virtually from the day in 1994 the ANC took over. He was assisted mostly by the old Vula network of which he was the head.

He finally convinced the majority of the ANC to go full on gangster at the Polokwane conference in 2007. Make no mistake, the removal of Mbeki was done because Mbeki did not allow the Kom Raids to steal enough. Mbeki the economist knew that you have to have a developmental approach and keep investor confidence. The criminal looter group led by #783 did not care about this.

The man who led the ANC Youth Leaque at the time was one Julius Malema. This academically challenged firebrand hated the whites with a passion and he fashioned himself as a revolutionary. He was #783's storm trooper prior to Polokwane, his most important ally to instill the belief that Mbeki was not commie left wing enough. Malema was assisted by Cosatu led by Zwelinzima Vavi and the SACP, led by Blade Nzimande. These fervent hard left ideologues figured that #783 would be the one who would deliver on their revolutionary style pipe dream.

When Kom Raid #783 finally took the reigns in 2009, he implemented his grand heist plans with military precision.Having met the Guptas in the mid 2000's, #783 basically just had to sit back and play President whilst the real rulers behind the scenes were the evil, but brilliant criminal brains of the Gupta brothers putting the looting scheme, now called state capture, in overdrive. #783 son Duduzane Zuma was made a partner in all the Gupta companies and acted as the official channel through which looted money flowed to the Zuma family.

When Malema fell out of favour with Kom Raid #783 in 2011, Malema was without a job and more importantly without the ability to generate millions by using political influence to channel tenders. He only knew politics and created a quasi revolutionary and military hard left communist outfit called the EFF. He radicalized the political environment like never before and hammered South African politics to the extreme left with brute force. He promised free things and what is more popular than that ? Malema remained an ideologue and always promised that he would work with his now arch foes the ANC if they implemented his land grab and nationalization policies.

Malema was the man the ANC and #783 feared the most. In order to remain relevant , the ANC also shifted their policies to the far left, hoping to out radicalize the original radical Julius Malema.

This now resulted in the ANC , now led by the billionair businessman and once arch enemy of Malema ,Cyril Ramaphosa , shedding their black, green and yellow colours and emerge full on red at their 2017 elective conference, adopting all the policies advanced by Malema, including nationalization of the Reserve Bank, expropriation of land without compensation and free tertiary education.

This means one thing - another Zimbabawe at the tip of Africa and full on bankruptcy within a year of implementation of this Nongqawuse style policies.

If these policies are implemented South Africa will die.