Part 3 - EXPOSED! Lady Justice CAPTURED by THE CABAL

Part 3 - EXPOSED! Lady Justice CAPTURED by THE CABAL

Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.
JS Mill.

There is a cabal at the NPA whose conduct has eroded confidence in the NPA.

It is in the South African public's interest that their actions be exposed.

This list of names is not exhaustive but never-the-less gives the public some indication of the shenanigans going on at the NPA.


Torie PretoriusAn otherwise successful prosecutor but in the twilight of his career did Abraham's bidding by recommending Pravin Gordhan's prosecution on spurious charges.

Pretorius was ultimately thrown under the bus by Abrahams when Abrahams withdrew the charges against Gordhan.

Considering the broader conspectus of political maneuvering at the time, Pretorius played into the hands of rogues such as court certified liar Berning Ntlemeza (ex HAWKS head that was sacked by the court).

Ntlemeza protected and shielded a number of politicians from criminal investigation.

He is also a loyal Mdluli supporter.


Raymond MathenjwaHe opposed bail (unsuccessfully) against the Cato Manor members and was called to order several times for his antics and clownish behavior in court by Regional Court magistrate Sharon Marx.

Mathenjwa is also the prosecutor in Glyniss Breytenbach's prosecution in Gauteng as well as mine in KZN.

A coincidence ??
You do the math.

I will later expose his dubious role in an investigation against Phiyega, the disgraced police commissioner.


JJ MhlotswaMhlotswa is an "advocate" who signed an application for a warrant for my arrest.

It was subsequently established by forensic investigator Paul O'Sullivan that he is not an advocate after all but falsely pretended to be one.

He and his wife had previously been struck off the roll of attorneys for dishonesty.

He incredulously now works as a prosecutor at the NPA despite not meeting the minimum requirements.


Anthony MosingAlthough seldom in the public eye, he is a sly operator behind the scenes.

Hand written minutes by Mosing, which are available, reveals how, during a meeting between other cabal members and Nathi Mthetwa (Unlawful benefactor from Mdluli's plunder of the SS Account) a plan to arrest myself and Cato Manor members was hatched.

Mosing was instrumental in the collusion between the NPA and Nathi Mthetwa since he was one of the advisors to the NDPP recommending my prosecution.

Mosing also had a hand in the withdrawal of charges against Ngoyeni and Mabuyakulu.

He is also implicated in the prosecution of Anwa Dramat and Shadrick Sibija in the so-called rendition case.

In an affidavit by Innocent Khuba from IPID it is evident that the rendition case was a conspiracy between Mdluli and Ntlemeza, with the help of Mosing, to replace Dramat with Ntlemeza.


It is no coincidence that these prosecutors' names always come up in controversial cases!

They are a threat to the independence of the NPA.

Civil society has to know what is going on at the NPA.

It is up to the citizens of 'UnCapturedSA' to register their abhorrence against the capture of the NPA by miscreants.

Political leaders, be it the ANC, DA , EFF , ADCP , IFP , COPE , Minority Front or whoever, must lobby for a judicial commission of inquiry into the independence of the NPA.

Less the citizens, in one way or another, become victims of this unholy alliance, we should not allow a cabal to wreck an important institution such as the NPA to further their own nefarious agendas!!!